My sisters have all of a sudden gotten concerned about mom after she went to the nursing home.

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I have been taking care of mom and dad until he died years ago. No one ever came to help me. Now that mom has been in a home for a few months they are all of a sudden concerned that she has problems. They say she is over medicated and the like. Mom is almost 86 and has been tired for years. They don't know this because they never came around. They say they are very busy and mom upsets them. Mom has her days and nights mixed up so she is sleeping when the one sister comes to visit. She thinks she should talk to the nurses and let them see that she is paying attention. Oh my. How should I handle this. They never have any dealings with me unless it's to make trouble.


Well of course they come around now,, it's public and they want to look good while the home and you still do all the work. We see this alot on here. and of course they are now experts on the mom and family they ignored... I feel bad for you, and this situation. But since they are here now,, and such experts.. let them take up some of the slack and you get a bit of a break.
Well they aren't interested in helping just being mouthpieces to the nurses and staff at the home. They have even brought up a lawyer. The home is taking good care of mom. there is no reason for that. Thank you for your answer.
I think everyone has a know it all who wants to look good to the staff. Most of the time, the staff sees right through it so there is no need to worry. My friend and I used to make bets over which family member would push the wheelchair down the hall and make a production of it. It gets to the point you just have to laugh. As for the lawyer, dont worry about it, I am sure you will meet with him too and you can state your opinion then. Just relax and enjoy the break.
They can get all the lawyers they want. Neither one of them will take her in, they will just look really stupid in front of the judge.

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