Silence in dementia patients.

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I wonder if I am well off..and just do not know it...I say GOOD MORNING to my HUSBAND...and he never says he goes through the day...NOT TALKING...GRUNTING and GROWLING and clearing his throat...and acts like I should KNOW what this means......anyone else got a BEAR of animal like answers to questions....WHEN YOU KNOW they can talk when they want too....LIKE if the remotes is moved...they know how to ask for the remote..after all the hand signals and growling does not work...he can talk! When I ask him questions...he just makes I will PUT off cooking or making dinner till he ASK for something..I will act like I do not know what his GROWLS mean or hand signals..and he can make his own unless he talks to me...I am IGNORING HIM.....cause he can TALK PERFECTLY WELL....he can order food in a resturant, he can go in to the town office to pay the water bill...go in the post off, he can order paint at ace hardware...he can talk...he just does not like to...


I wonder if it is requiring a lot of energy for him to put together the words. With you, his safe person, someone he trusts, he doesn't have to put on this facade of normalcy that requires so much energy of him.

It is amazing how some people with dementia can put on this act of holding up well when they need to!
If he can go to the post office and order paint he can talk and if he can talk then he can understand. Tell him that you don't respond to growls and hand gestures and that he needs to use his words
It is called resentment. Trace back to the day all the growling started. Obviously, he is upset with you for some reason. This is called passive aggressive behavior.
Sounds like my teenage son
If anyone should be resentful it is me...I worked my entire life and handed every paycheck over to him for the well being of our family...only to find out on the day he retired from the Navy that he had a woman all along he was supporting on my hard work and my pay check...and Now he has dementia and other health problems and I am the ONLY One left standing to CARE FOR HIM....I guess he is resentful...his OTHER WOMAN did not want to deal with DEMENTIA!
Well with being said, I would definitely tell him to use his words and stop the grunting!

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