Signs that your parents need home health care.

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Signs that Your Parents Need Home Health Care?


A few off the top of my head:

-- If one or both have dementia
-- If one parent is a caregiver for the other parent
-- If one or both have a chronic illness that is not being managed well
-- If one or both are unable to figure out their medications and are taking the wrong dosages or not taking it at all.
-- If there is always spoiled food in the fridge
-- If one or both are unable to bathe regularly

This list could go on and on.....
I would add to the list, "if one's parent lives in a house that isn't elder proof".

I have that issue with my parents, they are still mobile but use canes/walker and take care of each other, but it scares me silly all the stairs in their house. My house is even worse :(

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