Siblings won't help.

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i have four children ,fifteen acres, three horses, and a buisness, and two sisters who do not participate at all in my elderly mothers care .my buisness is almost ruined and my home life is in constant turmoil,moms been in the hosp for almost a month with parts being amputated and my sisters dont call or go see her ,the oldest sister has three kids and a house to take care of and the youngest sister has three grown kids and in nursing school but never gives me a break im on the edge of divorce any advice will help


Pretend you are an only child. Devise ways to cope with your mother and still manage your business and maintain your marriage WITOUT expecting any help from siblings. It is just you. Fair? Certainly not! No more fair than your mother having such horrendous health issues. Life is not fair.

I suspect that one of your coping devices is going to have to involve more professional care. Where will Mom live when she is discharged from the hospital? Where was she living before she was hospitalized?
feel like only child only my sisters like to make demands on my time which i have quit giving

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