Siblings who think they "know" everything.

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I write this as an only child. When I started on this caregiving journey I had a real pity party for myself because I had no siblings to help. This site has really opened my eyes to the real world. In fact I no longer feel sorry for myself because I am an only child rather I feel bad for those of you that have the know it all siblings that never help except with criticism.My mother that I now take care of had her problem with her mother's 7 siblings calling her after a phone call from her mother about how "bad" she was being treated. Would upset my mother very much.I told her the next one that called just be calm and tell them that you could have her on the next plane to Dallas and take her in since they obviously knew so much better than her what to do, Guess what, no one took her up on it and quit calling. Stand your ground, the next sibling that complains ,tell them I am sending them to you and when can you meet them at the airport,threaten this everytime they call and complain about you, it will cut the phone calls down if not stop them.

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texarkana, I am not an only child and in some ways am glad Im not. But I see your point as Im caring for my loved ones. Im glad your feeling better about where your at in life :) Its never easy is it? But, Im going to say what you all did and see what happens! I needed this post this morning thank you :)

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