Do you need a good story? Siblings in agreement with full support. It's amazing.

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We had to call 911 for my mom to go to the ER this weekend. She has stroke symptoms and it was scary. They kept her for MRI the next day, but she fell and received knot on head and bruised knee. Thank goodness the MRI showed no strokes, tumors or problem with her brain and x-ray showed no fractures on her knee. She's following up with her primary this week.

I discussed it with my siblings, based on what we believe to be either the culprit or an exacerbating factor and they were in full support of what I intend to discuss and propose with her doctor. They said they would do anything I ask and support my suggestions and requests. They then both gave me cash to help with my expenses, since, I'm out of work caring for her this week. AND brought food to the house, called and asked if we need anything else. So nice.

There are so many horrible stories how family does not support family. I just wanted to share how sometimes people do come through. I am truly blessed.


Yes you are!! I am so glad for you!
That's the way it is in our family. You're not the 'lone stranger' ! ha
Wow, you are blessed and pretty lucky!! Glad you have the full support (both financial, practical, and emotional) of your siblings.
Fingers crossed as the road gets rockier everyone remembers how they feel and what they are committed to right now and continue to act accordingly. You are indeed very blessed.
Sunny, yes, my family wirks together as well. There ARE functional families on the planet. Good thoughts to your mom!

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