Hello everyone,
I was looking around to see if anyone could help me educate myself on showering options for my grandma. I really don’t know much about what to expect. She is now in an standard self propelled chair that was prescribed to her but she is curious about getting a shower chair as she is concerned about what will happen with her bathing/ showering.
Any insight on what chair to chose? Comfort? Big back wheels or small ones? Affordability is always on the mind? Any chairs we should definitely avoid?

Thanks again so much, I know this probably isn’t the exact forum but I have noticed that it is one of the more helpful and used! If anyone has a recommendation on any other forums or support communities that would be extremely helpful too.

Thanks everyone for all your help!
Grandmas Helper

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GrandmasHelper, Does she need a stationary shower chair? Any weight restrictions? I got my MIL a transfer bench/shower chair. It sits on both the outside of the tub, and inside, it has a back, and a handbar. She sits on the outside part, I help her bring her legs over the tub, then she's in.

Is she mobile at all/ is she obese? If you can use a slide with a back it would be a lot less expensive. I purchased a used shower chair on craigslist. New it cost 800, Medicare would not cover this, but gma has had 2 strokes and is morbidly obese. Invacare is the brand I purchased but I needed one that would hold 305lbs. The larger rubber wheels are much easier to navigate. Best of luck!

I don't have personal knowledge about this, but I'm bumping it up to the front in hopes that some of the readers have found chairs that they like. You could check with local home health agencies to see if they have recommendations, since they have so much experience. Good luck,

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