She wants to go home and now this has continued for 3 days.


She didn't sleep last night. Usually we go for a drive and get ice cream and it goes away.

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If this is a change in your mother's mental status (increased agitation and confusion) it should be reported to her doctor. She may have a uti or other infection

"Go home" is often symbolic, meaning she wants to go back to a better time. Ask her which home, she may tell you a childhood address.

Susan, we need more information. Example, who is "she"? Your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister? Does this person live with you? If yes, how long has she been with you? What are the medical issues with this person? Are there memory problems?

Example, if an elder has mid to late stage dementia and says they want to go home, the home they are referring to is their childhood home.... back when life was easier and happier as a child. My Mom [98] did that, and we knew what house she was asking about due to references she was making.