She is doing well!

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I visited mother in the NH today. She was sitting at a table waiting for lunch and directing two other ladies to straighten the table cloth- LoL She wasnt spaced out or tired and she never asked where she was or
to "Go Home"... Astounding. I helped her eat, toileted her, colored a bit, then after a couple hours they were starting a game and I left :O
wow, just wow after alllll these years !
of course her laundry has yet to appear, but sheesh what a relief
I can't believe it.
(Now back to cleaning out her apartment)


Oh Mica! I'm so happy this is turning out to be a good outcome. Good luck with the clean out. It has an end, I promise you. And the folks at GOOD WILL will be your new friends.
Very happy for you!!
Thanks for the update!
I had to empty her rollator seat again- there was even a full cup of coffee in there! I also found dayglow pink goo on her tv screen and on her toothbrush- looks like they had a battle over it and made a mess.
I also found alcohol pads in her room, so they probably had to sedate her at night. She can get a bit tough sundowning with strangers I know.
But seeing her yesterday she was fine, not sleepy or dopey,and it was an unannounced visit, so I will keep involved.

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