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I gave grandma lunch. A bowl of cottage cheese, a single serving container of mandarin oranges and a coffee. Just when I sat down in the other room she called me. I got up and went to her. She wanted me to dump the oranges into her bowl of cottage cheese.....................


Sorry Tiredreader, I know its hard. And you are trying to what you can for your grandmother. Now that my dad has passed away, I can only wish he had a annoying request or demand to give me. Before he passed I felt like I had never ending to do lists. Calendars were my friends. I would mark each day off like a prisoner. Now I don't even know what to do that my dad is gone. Still feels surreal I don't have to do anything for him anymore. And this reality pains me more.
I feel for you cdnreader. Actually I wish my Mom had annoying requests when she was alive but she was always the kind of person who didn't want to bother anyone. Would put up with just about anything just so she wouldn't be a burden. When I finally discovered what she had been hiding it was pretty much too late to do anything about it. Dear, sweet Mom........I miss her so.
Mom wanted me to floss her teeth for her - I said my fingers won't fit in your mouth
She said, then there must be something wrong with your fingers

Yes, TiredReader, that is pretty annoying, or funny depending on your mood I guess.

Since she has dementia she may have forgotten how to do it, or wasn't confident that she could do it correctly. Or she may have concluded that since she is retired from cooking she shouldn't be doing those kinds of things.

But, yup, being called back to dump oranges onto cottage cheese could definitely be annoying!
Sorry, but that's a little ridiculous! Calling you in the room just to have you put her oranges in her cottage cheese? Putting myself in your situation, I would simply say, "sorry lady, you're a big girl, do it yourself!" I then storm right back into the other room and resume what I was originally doing. Even my demented foster dad had enough sense to do little things for himself, and I'm amazed at how far he even got before he was forced into a nursing home from a second hospitalization. As long as a person is still able to get around and do things for themselves, I won't cater to them. I would make them get whatever it is they want themselves or any other little thing they can do for themselves, I'm just not catering to someone who can still care for themselves. I figure if you can still get up and walk around and do little things, then do it all yourself, don't ask me because I'm not doing it
Mom keeps asking for ice water. I get her glass (still has water in it) dump it, rinse it out, fill and add ice and bring it back. This happens a couple times a day. Yesterday I stood next to her for several minutes because I was interested in a bit of news on her TV.

While standing there...the cat jumped up and mom offered the glass of ice water to the cat!

Guess who drinks the ice water? Cat is apparently so spoiled it requires the water to be ice cold now too!

My plan is to just bring a low ball glass of ice water every so often...whenever I am going to her any way. Save me the time and trouble to deal with it on a separate trip. (Just one more item on the tray.).

Honestly, that cat is a much bigger bother than mom!
We are a human beings. Whatever we happen to feel, whether annoyed, amused at an elder's antics, or nothing in particular, we have the right to feel whatever we happen to feel at the moment. I don't think it's anyone's business to be judgemental in telling us our feelings are right or wrong. Since when is anything moral about what one feels inside? We do not have to justify nor defend our feelings. And so often, the immediacy of feelings and our lack of perspective means our feelings might not seem to make much sense to us. Later, the gift of hindsight may soften what we felt before.
I feel your pain. My mother asked me to get her a roll of toilet paper out of the closet because she couldn't pick up the three rolls of paper towels that were sitting on top of the toilet paper to get the toilet paper. She lives alone and I am just here for two weeks. I don't know know who will do this for her after I leave.
When my daddy came home from open heart surgery, my sister and I took turns weekly taking care of him. On my week, every time my butt hit the couch, he'd think of something for me to do. Usually while I was doing another task, he was telling about the next. At the end of the day, I was calling my husband crying. It was get me this ,hand me that. I couldn't wait for my week to be over lol. Lets not forget to mention him peeing in a urinal at anytime in the living room. HA!
Three dates, stones taken out; 1 bottle of Actimel with the lid taken off ready; half-size helping of oatmeal with golden or maple syrup in a squirly L-shape on it; tea not too strong, not too much milk, one sugar and must be hot and don't spill it whatever you do; one hi-juice orange squash with the Omeprazole pre-dispersed as per pharmacy instructions; one cranberry capsule softened in water; Chinese man egg cup for other meds...

I could practically put that breakfast tray together in my sleep. Now, I just regret that I didn't sit with her while she ate. Couldn't spare the hour at the time - who's got an hour to spare in the morning? But you don't get it back again later.

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