Severe shoulder pain doc can not figure out.

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More information is needed...Where in the shoulder? How long has this been going on? Is this you, or someone for whom you care? Which doctor are you seeing? An orthopaedic one? A physiatrist? Are there range of motion limitations? Is the pain constant? How old are you and what other medical conditions do you have? What exams or tests have been done?
If the person is female, sometimes wearing the wrong type of bra can cause pain in the shoulder.
An orthopedic doctor should be able to help you. I would press the matter and ask for tips to prevent further pain. I had TWO FROZEN shoulders at the the SAME TIME once. That is extremely painful and I had to get shots and intensive therapy. Don't wait for that to happen. Mine was never properly diagnosed either.
Mother is so bent over from osteoporosis and a botched back surgery, she literally has the "hump" of her back higher than her head. Constantly twisting her neck to try to see what was above her (and she's only about 4'8" at the highest point of the "hump"..was causing her extreme pain in her shoulders. I dxed it immediately, but since I am not a dr, she took 3 different visits to 3 different docs to find out exactly what I'd said it was. Some visits to the physiatrist until she got bored with that, helped a lot. Now she just doesn't even try to look any higher.
But I'd have it checked out--for sure, Frozen shoulder---ow, ow, ow!!
If the shoulder appears fully functional, but pain persists, the problem may actually be a pinched nerve in the neck. See a Neurologist.
I myself went they a period of time with severe pain in one shoulder. I was basically convinced it was broken somehow.

Finally a complete spinal ex ray series was done. The top of the spine is xrayed through your mouth. Anyway, what it revealed was that I have what is called a first rib. It seems that about 1 in a hundred people have this. It is one extra rib that come off the spine at the top..2nd vertebrae. It extends into the area of the should blade. Now, this is t a problem u less you do something that causes the muscles in that area to experience trama. Then the muscle swells up...but there is t much room because of the rib. And..boy does it hurt!

I had seriously over-exerted myself. Which are the roots cause of everything else

Lesson for the other people like me....maintain your muscle strength....or...if you go to flab over the winter...start S L O W in the spring to build back up.

Everyone has been so helpful with what info I have of more thing I found is that she takes pravastatin....upon looking at reviews on it I hat may be the culprit. However she is one who still has docs up on gold pedestals refuses to ask him to change for a while to see if it effects the pain. So of course she. Is now on pain meds ......
Stess, someone told me hormone imbalance...but I think it's just stress, everything falls on "our shoulders"..Hot and cold packs...Hot packs to relieve tension, and then cold packs to reduce swelling. Motrin..I amnot a doctor by all means but my shulders do get sore, especially my right side.....
by the way a neurologist, amy want to help out, but mine did a shock test.. it was not fun at all....I think the results were i had a pinched nerve.. I don't want to see that doc again, it really was shocking....I have an ice cream scooper that warms and heats up under hot water. the back of that is perfect for my shoulder blade, i press it in and the heat melts thet ension away... heat packs may help but the pressure and heat help me.

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