September 11, 2001 LEST THEY BE FORGOTTEN

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Today, just take a moment to remember those who were lost and died as heroes in the attacks on the twin towers. Remember where you were when you heard the news, the feeling of shock and terror you felt, the thousand of lives that were sacrificed.

We whine and complain about the tasks that we all do on a daily basis that do not compare to the loss felt around the world on September 11, 2001 and the recovery that continues in these very tumultuous times.


Here, here, thanks for the reminder! I thought of that too when I woke up today.
My best friend, J (may he rest in peace) lost a number of childhood friends that day. May their ultimate sacrifices be remembered today.
Where were you on September 11, 2001?
Oops. Glad, I didn't realize you started this thread. I just did a long post (as usual) on the YOU thread. Too emotional to retype it here. Sorry...
Book, I posted there as well. That may be what others are doing. Just thought we could all use a reminder that things could be much, much worse!
I just found out this year, that Russia made and installed this huge Tear Drop monument in New Jersey to honor those who died in 9/11. The base of this monument has the names of all those who died..... I have changed my avatar to reflect this Tear Drop monument.
It's very thoughtful of you to post a reminder. I actually had forgotten about it, and it did take a lot of years to reach that point. Every so often a tv program runs photos of the crashes and ensuing devastation and I find myself as unsettled from watching the returns as I did when it happened.

I remember where I was - at home; my sister called me and quickly told me about the first 2 attacks. I quickly turned on the tv and literally stayed glued to it all day long. It was almost impossible to believe if the coverage weren't live.

I wonder sometimes if we have become too complacent in our concern for what vulnerabilities we still have.
I watched a show last night about 9/10. It covered what people were doing the day before the day the world changed forever. It showed a lot about the people who worked at the Trade Center and survived and some who didn't.

I also watched the footage from 9/11 this morning at 9:00 a.m. I can't believe how long ago it's been. It still seems unreal.
It is unbelieveable now, as it was unbelieveable than. How vulnerable we actually are. I think many prefer to forget, are they in denial? Are other family members in denial of how sick our loved ones are? Maybe a bit too philosophical for this late in the evening. But, think about it. Sometimes it is easier to forget. I will never. And it has been a very sad day for me. If we watch the footage or read too many posts on numerous online sites then does it impact our state of mind too much? If you remember after 9/11 the government decided to censure much of the coverage because they had determined it was too hard on too many to be constantly inundated with information.

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