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Thank you and I am trying to figure this posting and answering mechanism out!

Hi everyone and thank you so much for you all the advice and warm compassion for my situation. With your advice I had the courage to sit with my wife this morning and tearfully discuss how we should proceed from this point on, as there many things to touch upon I stayed with I think was a priority of getting her evaluated and I'm happy to say we got a break though and she agreed to go to my physiologist yay!!!! One glorious step and day at a time right? And really without your responses to me I think I would be still doing the same old enabling thing as I seem to be always doing and not accepting what I have to do with my part. Financially we are not in good shape only living on SS and my car service doesn't bring in that much due to I can find in my heart to charge sometimes for my services these people are hurting very badly and mostly I accept what they can give me But when I get a airport run from corporation I stick to to them :-) but does help. i also need to look into financial assistance but as I been trying I hit all close doors. I am a veteran and once sandy is evaluated and she can get on medicaid hoping some new doors open for us. My oldest grandson is a producer audio engineer and making a name for himself in a very competitive field but he is building his name up very well and his pay is like being a commission salesperson up and down not steady and the studio he works for cannot pay him a salary but his boss likes him very much and respects him very much and I think soon things will get better for him I am also encouraging him. My youngest one is into editing and making short films that's his passion. I used to take them fishing when they were little they like it but not as much of what they are doing right now they don't like sports either oh well I hope they continue to do the things they are happy to do and they'll never work a day in their life right? I am so thankful that they didn't get mess up with drugs like their parents did. Again thank you so much God bless you all


Ernie, that's a very nice follow-up and update on your situation; it's always helpful to know what happens after people post. I hope you and your wife have worked out a potential salutation that meets both your needs.

These tips might help navigate the forum:

1. To "hug" someone, in this case JessieBelle, there are a few ways but the easiest might be just to click on her name when she responds or when she posts. For now, this link takes you to her profile:


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3. On another issue, you should investigate what assistance you might be able to get from the VA. If you need guidance on this, post again. I'm not listing any suggestions as I'm not sure if you've already gone through this process or not.
erniegpa, you did send me a hug earlier and let me know what happened. You did everything just fine. Responding to a thread can be a bit trickier. The easiest way I know is to click the newsfeed link in the right column and choose the thread. Then you can add onto it. It keeps everything in one place.

I am so happy that your wife is going to work with you. This is a huge step in the right direction. All fingers and paws crossed here that all goes well. Big hope.
ernie, if you are looking for postings made by yourself or questions you had answered, one way is to go to the upper right corner of this page.... you will see a box that says SEARCH SITE, now type in that box your screen name, now click on the magnifying glass.... everything you written should pop up.
Garden I would like more info on the VA I haven't focused on that yet thank you so much.
Hey Ernie, good to see some other guys around here. I'm a digital dunce and I figured out how to get around on the forum and so can you. Just keep at it, it's pretty intuitive. Lots Of very experienced folks here. You'll get good support and advice.
Thanks Windy also Looking for info on Va assistance.

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