Hi all. We have a big move coming up and mom does not want to go to respite while I move us.

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I am not sure if she understands she see me packing up our things and I have told her what will happen ....but for some reason I believe she thinks I can do this WHILE SHE SITS IN HER CHAIR AND WATCHES ......I AM NOT KIDDING.... this is going to be not cool ....I am so worried that I am sitting up and not getting my rest I do not not have any family to help I have set up respite to start at the end of the month 10-31-12 so do any of you all have any ideas if she will not go to respite ( short tern stay) this will be a terrible move she will be in the way and cost us more $$$$$$$ PLEASE SOME ONE ANSWER ASAP .....th


hi purple rain the information provided by you in this question is not complete please provide a complete information
Do not present it as a choice. This is something that is happening. She doesn't get a choice about the move, either. Some things are just necessary. She gets a mini vacation while you do the moving work. It's a good deal. But she goes whether she agrees with that assessment or not.

Do you have someone who can help you take her to the respite place? Or perhaps someone who could take her and then you meet her there?
The problem I could run into is that she will not go down the stairs we live on the second floor and I am scared that she freeze up and not go easily. I do not want any falls ect I am waiting on the respite to confirm with me next week that they will have a bed for her. I need for her to be at respite it will be the best no family to help me.:-(
Hi Jenna thanks for answering me I have a car but as I have stated in the previous post I am afraid that she will not go down the stairs to get outside to the car and she might think I would leave her there and thats not gong to happen I am just wanting to get us moved I am very nervous about what could happen on that day 10-31-12
I don't blame you for being nervous. Is there ANYONE who could help you get Mom to the respite place? Someone you could hire? Does she have an aide now? Could the respite place recommend someone? I don't envy you doing this all alone!

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