My mother has COPD and gets scared at night.

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Poor dear. I think that I would be scared if I had trouble breathing, too.

Does she live alone? With you? What does she/you do to help minimize the fear?

What is your specific question?
Is she on oxygen? Her fear is probably that she will stop breathing while she sleeps.
If your Mother is mostly homebound, you might consider Home Health Agency nurses to come in the home. They can be of great reassurance to someone with respiratory problems. You can initiate this on your own to an agency and they will contact your MD for an order, or you can discuss this with her MD and the contact can be made thru that office. Also, nightlights in or near her room that provides some easy vision when she awakens is reassuring. Leaving a dim light on in the room outside her bedroom and into the bathroom can be helpful. One more suggestion is a moniter, the kind used for infants. If she knows that someone will hear her in the night should she need help will be a huge relief to her, I would guess. I hope these suggestions are helpful and provide comfort to you both.

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