Mom keeps getting urinary tract infections.

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Mom has uit lately about 2 times in the last 3 momths ,she is not incontient,but she does wearDepends pull ups never soils them.
Several years ago she was having renal problems not voiding at all we saw a specialist in that area she wore a cath for at least 5momths until she was able to void in her own.Now she is well hydrates for a woman of 92yrs 40/50 ozs of fluid a day no caffiene products very little medication Plavix ,Lovastatin,Hydrothorizide and the rest vitiams I'm confused where do I go from here


She needs to be momitored by a physican regularly...and you need antibiotics for her UTF when it reoccurs....
My dad has had a couple of UTIs and I always know when he's getting one: he gets mean and very nasty. My solution is to dose him with 100% cranberry juice--the kind with no sugar and that lists cranberry juice as the 1st or 2nd ingredient. The "cranberry cocktail" juices are no good. Ocean Spray has a great "100% Juice" cranberry juice that I have him daily (8 oz). I also sneak in dried "craisins" and he eats them willingly. CHeck with your doctor too; eldery people tend to eat alot of sweets as that is the last taste sensation they can enjoy, and they don't drink enough water; hence, a breeding ground for UTIs. Your MD can put your elderly on meds too. But truly, keep them on a regimen of 100% cranberry juice with no added sugar and feed them craisins. I bake my craisins in orange-cranberry muffins and I make a cranberry-orange relish (Just process sweet mandarin orange segments briefly in a food processor with dried cranberries) that goes great with turkey, chicken and even a small side dish with stew! Try it!
My mom gets frequent UTIs as well. I give her cranberry juice and she always has water by her bed/chair. Be careful with the use of got Cdiff from the antibiotics used for her UTI. Make sure that if your loved one is on antibiotics that you give them yogurt with active cultures at least once a day (twice a day is better).
tommy- all good advice here... my mom has started getting uti's much more frequently also.... I havent done the cranberry juice but I will stop on the way to her alf to buy some for her! anything to keep her off antibiotics. she actually was on amoxicillin a week or so ago for a UTI and I bought culterelle probiotics which comes in capsule form. I was able to empty the capsule into a glass of water/juice at lunch for her to drink since she doesnt take meds well. (we also have the worry about Cdif reoccuring!)
How women wipe themselves after urination can have a big effect on whether or not she gets chronic UTIs. Women (or those that help her) should always wipe themselves from the front to the back and NEVER wipe from the back to the front where bacteria can be introduced to the urethra.
My MIL has been getting them as well. Since she moved in with us, I noticed when she goes to the bathroom she is wiping from front to back, sideways, and everyway in between. Now that she is bathing more regular and keeping herself clean, she hasnt had 1 in 2 months.
We have had this issue with my Mom too... I do think it is common with older ladies... We have had some testing done, and did not find out anything... I would encourage you to do the cranberry juice, (orange juice can irritate the bladder) also encourage her to drink water. My Mom is now taking a pill at night for frequency. I had a chat with her about cleaning herself carefully. hope things get better... take care...
My mom gets UTI's easily as well. I give her cranberry juice everyday, as well as the little cranberry gel pills. That helps CONSIDERABLY. The fact that she wears depends might be a clue. Does she still change them at least once a day even if they are clean? I know people of that generation hate to waste. I could see my dad doing that... wearing them day after day because he never "soiled" them. There would still be bacteria growing on them and for a female, it could add up to a bad UTI. Just a thought. Also make sure she is washing front to back. Using wet wipes can also help. (We use the baby ones (cheaper) and have a trash can next to the toilet for disposal, as they can't be flushed.) Hope you find solutions. :)
My mom , 88 years , also gets UTI about every 2 months. I have a juicer and I juice fresh cranberries every day for her- but she still gets UTI. She is Incontinent and also on lasix because of congestive heart failure. I watch how much water she drinks, fluid intake, because of her congestive heart failure. ( normally she should be drinking more water) I can also tell when it comes on- more confusion than normal and just general weakness. i was hoping that by giving her cranberries every day- that would help- but she still gets frequent UTI
I can completely relate too. My MIL has frequent UTI's, and she too does show definate signs when she gets them. It's amazing how a urinary tract infection can cause someone to get totally confused. The strange thing about her situation is that she took a turn for the worst with her Alzheimer's disease last April when she got a really bad UTI. We were seeing signs that something wasn't quite right with her before that, but we really didn't know it was Alzheimers until she got the infection. She ended up having to go to the emergency room because she got to be in such bad pain. It seemed like one day she was fine, and then the next her symptoms advanced. After she went into the hospital, she changed. She ended up having to go into rehab because she actually was having a hard time walking, became incontinent, and she had a horrible time with memory. My point is that she was doing everything on her own before she caught the UTI in April, and once she got home from rehab in May she was dependent on us. UTI's are nothing to mess with.

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