I am worried about my grandmother's health.

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she lives with my aunt who also takes care of a 4 year old boy who has a lot of emotional issues my aunt should not be taking care of either of them she is unstable herself she doesnt know how to handle her own emotions and has also abused the little boy which we have tried contacting the police about but she and other memebers of my family lied my grandmother has been bite several times she has had a sprained wrist several bruises and injuries from the little boy her house is no longer hers since my aunt moved in and started taking cared of her she used to have a very tidy clean house and now it is never clean my aunt lets the children she takes cared of trash it myself and my parents have tried talking to her and other members of the family but they feel as if nothing is wrong with the situation and anytime we have tried to involve athorities my aunt and other family members will lie my grandmother has the onsets of alsheimers and demntia so she is not being listened to if anyone could give me some advice on what type of action to take that would actually benifit my grandmother i would greatly appriciate it i love her and want her to be happy in her remaining years


Rather than the police, contact your county's office for aging or elderly protective services. The role of the police is to stop a criminal act, so if there's nothing going on when they arrive, they're not able to help in any meaningful way (other than maybe give advice). A county agency for the elderly can do a home evaluation and will know what signs to look for and can help you with what steps to take.
Agree with IsntEasy.
Get the elderly abuse organization to come and check out Grandma. There are even more state/government agencies like this one that you can call and report to. Even contact Child Protective Services for the little boy.
Obviously, Grandma is being abused. Who has Medical POA? Who has POA [excutor of Grandmas estate?] Contact her doctors and get her checked our for those bruises, her doctor can have it documented, that yes, he suspects physical abuse. The little boy also should not be treated like that either. Report Aunty's mental state to them too. If suspected of dementia, or even some sort instability of the brain, they will take action.
Yes, I think that the both of them are right. I also think that the police is not a good option in your situation. I think that you should contact an elder care as at this rate there might be damages to your grand mothers health.
Please call Adult Protective Services as well as Children's Protective Services. Sounds as if both your Grandmother and the children in the house need to be visited and the situation evaluated.

It appears other family members don't want to be involved because it would mean they would have to be responsible for Grandmother and those children if they are also family members. Shame on them for allowing this abuse!

Glad you and your parents are trying to get something done for all of them. Best of luck!

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