My dad is being taken advantage of.

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My dad is being taken advantage of. There are these two younger women who insist my dad needs help, one of them has moved her stuff into my dad’s house, and will not leave now. Legally there is nothing I can do as long as my dad agrees to her being there. But now I find out my dad is giving her money, and to top it off she is a drug addict. She claims she is using the money to buy food with her food stamp card. I found this is fraud. She is taking money from my dad and using it for what ever (drugs) and buying some food for the house. This has been going on for sometime now; I need to find a way to stop her, legally. I have considered Power of Attorney, but I do not have the money to pay for court costs. My father has agreed to sign the papers, but do not know if he is ready to admit incompetence. I need some advice. I have called and emailed many agencies and I have either received a run around, or I have been told there nothing I can do.


Dear bdoitch,
Who are these two younger women? Have you known them in the past? Are they former aquatinaces of your Dad, your family? Do you have siblings that can stand by you and defend you? What is your Dad's health condition? Does he have dementia or any other type of illness? What state do you live in? These questions must be answered for anybody to give you advice on what to do.

As far as POA [executor of your Dad's trust/estate], you do not need to go to court to be made POA, but you do need a lawyer to make it legal and your Dad must be willing to make you POA and sign the papers. Also get medical POA too [Living will], which is different from POA [executor]. You do not need an attorney to do this. Go online and get the forms there. All you need from your Dad for this is his signature and two non-relative witness signatures. If your Dad has agreed to make you POA [executor] and medical POA, then by all means, hire an attorney and get it done right away!! It will be worth the cost and your Dad's well-being and his life by saving your Dad from those leeches.
If they are drug addicts, reporting them to the police is the logical answer and call the State welfare office and report them of fraud.; and tell them the full story of your situation. For sure they will investigate. Maybe get a state social worker to come to the house and investigate the situation. That would carry a lot of power for your side. But by all means, do something. You are not powerless. You are his blood daughter and have all the right in the world to protect him and the law is on your side. Those agencies that you called and gave you the run around are doing just that. Incompetance I would say, laziness, etc... There IS SOMETHING you can do to stop this. Do not believe those agencies when they tell you there is nothing you can do. Those two women are breaking the law big time--with the drugs, food stamp fraud +abusing your Dad's finances. Call the police, call the state SW, call his doctor, hire an attorney, call the State welfare office of food stamps--if they are receiving food stamps, they must have a worker who administers those food cards. Call him/her-call the agency. There are tons of things you can do to help Dad.
You can also call Elder Abuse. Not just for physical abuse but taking advantage of the elderly.
bdoitch, I had the same questions lefaucon brought up. Your father is fairly young. Does he have a condition that impairs his judgment? I also wondered what his relationship was with the younger women. Without knowing more about your father and the relationship, it is difficult to advise. If your father is enjoying the company of the women and is still competent, I'm afraid that there is little you can do legally unless he lets you. Please let us know more.
My dad has known the one woman for many years, in fact he was seeing her while my mom was still alive. I do not believe it is a sexual relationship. It is more like my dad wanting company, which is fine, I do not dispute that, however, I did not know she was a drug addict nor did I know she was in prison. The other day when I was there she came into the house and she was wound like a spring, and she was talking a million miles an hours. I have never seen acting like this. I asked my dad if he knew she was doing drugs. He said nothing, and this is what started my inquiries. This is how I found out about the other woman that he has been giving money to. Apparently the other woman has a daughter who has some type medical condition and this other woman had been asking for money so she can cover medical costs. Right then and there I knew this was crap, because $100 a month is not going to cover medical costs. Then I uncovered the fact that he is making excuses for giving his money away by telling me the bank is overcharging his accounts. I have a feeling there is so much more I do not know. But as of now, I know enough.
My dad is only 69 years young!
He is active, he walks, he works puzzles, and build things using popsicle sticks, and I must say he is very good at building things. He makes small houses, and cars; he built a ferris wheel and we put a motor on it so it would turn. His mind is active, his memory is remarkable. I am constantly amazed by things he remembers, and this is why I know he is BSing me when I ask questions about these two women and he says he does not remember. I can’t prove this, but I am sure they blackmail mail him, the probably tell him, “If you don’t do this, I’m going to do this” and this is why I think he may be intimidated by them, and this is why he is afraid to tell them to leave, or may simply may be afraid to be alone.
my father has been taken advantage of by a heroin addict for 5 years, he keeps giving her money for sexual favors but he is 88 yr old, I have heard that she yells at him and is mean when he dosent give her money, we the daughters cant stand this so instead of having her at the house he has given her the keys to the store that he owns downtown she has stolen everything worth money from there already but it is not a residence it is a business is it even legal for her to stay there i feel helpless, he would never say that he is incompetent as he works, runs his business. He is making very bad choices and there will be nothing left of his inheritance but to see him just lower himself to this is heartbreaking , and embarrassing.
Check with the zoning board of the local community to ask if someone can live in a business. It might be a violation and the city/township might make him evict her.

What have the police said when you're reported her heroin addiction to them? If she's using illegal substances, they could arrest her.

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