Mom talked to me about her guilt of me not having a life caring for her.

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I was so surprised today when my mom 83 yrs old and has all kinds of health issues asked to talk to me and said she wanted me to know that she feels guilty that I moved in with her gave up my life and does not want to ask me to do all the things she really wants me to do around the house ( that needs lots of work) and wishes my sister who lives next door would do more. I let her vent and I tried not to cry but I'm so emotional and shed a few. I told her this is where God wants us right now(she has faith but not practicing) and that we are both very lucky to have eachother and a roof over our heads. She amazes me sometimes and others I have those angry feelings and need to remember these good times and that she won't be here forever. She mentioned that she is either gonna end up in a diaper and not able to help herself ( she does a little feeding and bathroom) or he's gonna take me with a stroke or heartattack. So weird to me talking to her about this stuff. I do love my mom however a year before I moved in I was not close to here for childhood reasons and now all that has gone away and I live to care for her with all my heart. I hope my daughter will learn from me and others will too. It's a tough spot to be in but I would not change it for anything. I love you mom glad your here :)


Thank you for writing this, burntout. I know those were sweet words to hear.
It is good your Mom can talk to you about her feelings. This time will be very special for you both.

God bless!
You are on a very special path with her...I had that with my father and can only pray that I have this with mine before she passes!!
Burnout, you for the posting, it's emotional and you're wonderful! My mom used to say the same thing before dementia set in badly. Who would want to burden their children, no one, but we do it out of pure love don't we! Talk about burnout, it's going on five years with mom for me. Your daughter will learn from this and see you in a different light, my husband and adult children are proud of me , and we have discussed what to do should this happen to my husband or I. Keep up the great loving care of your sweet mother.
Dear Burnout, Let me say as one daughter to another, I am very proud of you and what you are doing for your Mother, you only get one, and what you are doing for her will stay with you forever. You are so right, this is just where God intended you to be, with her, you are honoring her by your actions, and she really appriciates it. You will be so Blessed for what you are doing. Charish your Mom, love her, and spend as much time as you can, make her laugh, and laugh with her. Because there will come a time, that she won't be here, and you will then have many, many memories to hold onto. Stay strong, and keep the faith.
I've had the exact same experience with my dad. We always butted heads when I was growing up but now we are so close. We never said "I love you" and never kissed but that is a daily thing now. We are taught by our faith to honor thy mother and father and that's exactly what you are doing. I too have a daughter who is going through all of this with me and it is teaching her the love and compassion that families thrive on. After all, that's all we have is each other. My dad also feels bad we take care of him and often is leary to ask for help but we do the best we can. We have a nice home and we have food on the table so we too are "blessed" more than so many others throughout the world. Relish every moment with you mom and when she is gone you will have peace and no regrets.. That's what I hold onto. I love my dad more than I ever thought possible and it took him 52 years to tell me he loved me but oh what a joyous day that was and I will never forget it. God bless and keep doing what you're doing until you can't do anymore. You will be rewarded greatly for taking care of your mom! Good Luck.
I am proud of you too. As science has made it possible for people to live longer, I am not so sure that that is always the best because the QUALITY of life is not there, and more and more of us are spending much of our lives caring for our aging parents. While I do not advocate genocide, sometimes I wonder if this is a blessing or not, although I still like having my mother around, and will take her any way I can. But for those of us who do not get any other help, it just may shorten our own lives, yet I believe in God, and our rewards are in another world.
Well said Bonny, I agree with you.
I liked this post. I have always said I would be here for my Mother when the time came that I would be needed. I have been with her now for 2 1/2 years & wouldn't be anywhere else. Yes, there are very frustrating times & times of lots of learning, but it is worth it all to hear the stories & the comment:" I still have dreams, you know." My Mother is 96 1/2. She also talks about not wanting to give up my life to care for her and in the same breath almost, she thanks me for being with her & for taking such good care of her. And I am so Thankful that I have such a sweetheart of a husband who is in total agreement that this is where we are supposed to be. Mom thinks he is very wonderful; She loves watching him work in the yard ;). I liked your comment, Burnout, about your daughter learning thru this experience. I have shared with my daughter a lot about this experience & she is already planning what to do with me. Oh Dear!
when I moved in with my Mother to care for her, my husband was having a hard time of it and it was causing problems with us. My Mom apologized for causing me all the stress... Needless to say after a good cry out of both of us, I told her SHE hasn't caused me any stress by caring for her and although I do get tired alot I wouldn't have it any other way.

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