mom owns 2 acres of land and doesn't qualify.

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My wife and I have been taking care of mom for 8 yrs now. She stays in a 12x70 trailer next to our home so we pay all electric and fuel and taxes on her 2 acres of land.We were told by social services that she has to many assets for her to move into a home. My wife and I (I'm disabled with a nerve disease)are completely wore out!!! And my health is suffering from all the runs to ER for issues.Can ANYONE help?


Is there a reason why the two acres can't be sold, and also the trailer?
Talk to a lawyer to be sure, but why doesn't she sell the assets and use that money for an assisted living facility until the funds run out? Once the funds run out, she will qualify for more social services. That's all I can suggest. Good luck.
The local town ordnance doesn't allow land to be sold in smaller than 5 acre parcels.They say this is to prevent people from pulling in unsightly trailers or campers.
I would think that would apply only if the land was BIGGER than 5 acres - she's only got 2 - does that mean that land can never be sold??? That doesn't make sense - they can't force you to keep a parcel of land when you so obviously NEED to sell it. Go down to the planning department - I am thinking since she only owns 2 acres, you will find out that this ordinance doesn't apply to your mother's land - especially if she purchased it before that ordinance became in effect.

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