Aging, widowed, depressed, lonely, alcoholic/denial, senile, wealthy fathers and golddiggers.

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Refer to my very recent post under Elder Abuse. (I think it belongs under many topics really.) The real problem is that, when you are confronting it and dealing with it as a child care-giver, due to the shear deplorable nature of it, and the outright taboo it should really be, you find yourself alone with it. That's why I am so grateful to have found this supportive website.


a financially strapped man or woman might still seek companionship. theyre only a golddigger if they are helping spend someones money on frivolous things. a live in partner could be a good investment if theyre providing an honest and needed service.
Before I sign off, to add salt to the stuff I endure, he still has enough wherewithal to, when confronted, push me away, and act & state that he doesn't want or need my help. Which contradicts his manipulation of 6 months of whining about his impending knee op. and subsequent needing free one-on-one care from me (and husband in reluctant tow). He depressed me right out of a good-paying contract job in a nearby state because of that.
Why didn't his girlfriend care for him?
Because whenever he needs any "real" help, she is conveniently then, and only then, "involved with her totally rewarding, socially pivoting, career." (The mundane one working at a nursery school she intends to quit during her next whine-a--thon; give me what I want, or no sex. I know this, because he has shared this wonderful impending notion with me.)
By the way, thank you everybody so far for your help. My tears and anger are beginning to subside and I have stopped bending my husbands ear. I will start contributing to others' topics soon!
I know I've gained a certain amount of surprise and unpopularity from my posts, but folks out there should really be surprised about how increasingly common this sort of sick behavior is becoming. Take an older fella, lonely and depressed; he'll only crave, like any drug, more and more of the bad attention the gold digger brings, as all the while she is isolating him from true family & friends!! What a frightening, sad reality it is for me as well! Think about it.
My family and i are going Thu the same thing my father inlaw had a women living with him and he ended up in the hospital with kidney failure she dumped him at the hospital and didn't call any of us to let us know he was even sick we found out by going to his house And finding her there with her family all over the place sleeping and the place was a mess ..she has a drinking problem and she was taking his pain pills ..well after that he almost died because they waited so long to get him to the hospital. .while his 16 week stay in the hospital . Our family ask my husband the oldest son to move our family to his home to care for him ..we had to move this lady out .after she had dumped him at the hospital and took off only going to see him when she needed money or to Complan what we were doing i think it was once or twice least one of the family members stayed with him at all times to try to keep her from hurting him again ..well we got him home and walking again and now he thinks hes all healed ..and he trying to move her back in with us here we gave up our home and freedom to help him ..I dont trust this women and hes sneeking her in while we are in bed and i have kids i asked him to please keep his women away from my kids because there only hanging around him for money and i dont want my kids to have to see that .. any help in this matter thanks. Joyce
Contact law enforcement / elder abuse authorities (given here in this website), or call locally for them .. and be prepared to hire an elder-issues / probate attorney, using contingency money from his estate if necessary. What state do you live in? I will try and research local authorities and outreach sites you can go to for little or no cost; I am going thru the same thing and am happy to help.
I know this is a controversial blog -- but what if it happened to your loved one?i.e., a blatant, no-holds-barred, gold-digging opportunistic vulture?
Ya know what nobody likes this blog -- see my other one, that is going strong. I have FINALLY managed to at least cow that old wanna-be john of a stepfather; what an embarrassment. Does he really want to be put away? I'm tired of worrying about him. See my other blog for more info.

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