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My family went behind my back without giving me the option to be present and gave my cousin power of attorney and medical guardianship of my mother now she has been placed in hospice and pasta sustain that unless im put in the system I'm not allowed to see my mother they are making out like I want I'm trying to get her money and I don't want any money I just want to be able to visit with my mother in her last dying days but they are doing everything they can to not let me this is depressing me and causing me heartache that I can't explain and I don't know what to do or where to go not really sure what I'm doing here but if you guys can give me some suggestions or advice on which direction you're going with this I would appreciate it


Mark, i think we need some more information. At least where i live, POA can only be franted by the person themselves, not family.

When you say "put in the system" do you mean you need a Hipaa waiver? Is your mom atill aware and competent.?

Is mom in a nh? Have you upset her in the past when you visit by being agitated? Are you sure you are being barred from visiting? Or is it that stagf can't discuss nedical information qith you?
Ask for supervised visitation through Hospice. I think they can help you.
Contact Hospice. Ask for supervised visits.

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