Has anyone seen a picture of themselves lately and freaked out?

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I want to get some new glasses and took a picture of myself to upload to try on frames online. I am about to cry...no one told me how horrible, tired, fat, etc. I look!! ARGH!!

I went back to college after my divorce and took a speech class back in 2002. We had to do a big speech and mine was on stress and how if affects the body. I had a picture of President Bush the day he took office and then a present day picture of him to show the class how stress affects you. I know it does, but sure didn't realize it made me look so bad! I used to be commented on how young I look...I bet I don't now!!!

Please, everyone, take care of yourself. I know me being so concerned on how I look is small compared to what we all are doing for our loved ones...


Welcome to the club, savinggranny. Oh my gosh, I remember I use to look 10-15 years younger than my age.... I had aged very quickly in the past 6 years of having a major illness and dealing with my aging parents. The skin on my face look terrible, I tried most of the anti-aging creams but gave up. And my hair has thinned out... YIKES.

And the weight I have gained... ok, I know that mother nature likes to re-arrange one's weight once we got past menopause, but what in the heck happened??? I use to be a gym rat and use to have lifted weights... now if I say that people look at me like my hair is on fire.

It really irks me whenever I see the Victoria Secret models !!!
I have a couple of scars on my face from childhood - one vertical one between my eyebrows and one by my hairline. I also have a dog bite scar on my cheekbone under my eye. I noticed a couple of months ago that I have DEEP permanent forehead wrinkles and that center scar is so deep it looks like I'm always frowning...well, I typically am, but that's besides the point. Lost 40 pounds 3 years ago - managed to gain it all back. I look like sh*t - at least 15 years older than I am.
Oh yes.. in my mind I do not look like this! sometimes I suprise my self when I see myself in a window/mirror in a store!
my son took a pic of me in the garage a couple of years ago . had my specs on only cause i was cutting with the torches and was actively engaged in a quite serious fabrication project ( wood stove ) . the pic ended up entitled " stooped old cat " .
it was hilarious , shame it got wiped out in a PC crash .
i dont care . i am old . im thankful to live to old age .
Something I've learned is to NEVER do a selfie if you're older than 40, but if you do, snap your reflection in a mirror. The up-close ones will make you look even older and worse than real life. Selfies are self-torture for old folks.
I'm only in my forties and living with my mother for six months and I have visibly aged. I've developed a gray streak in my hair and though I didn't have much gray, the amount that is there has doubled. I used to be able to get by without reading glasses, now I can't. And I have an autoimmune disease that's worsened as well. I keep telling myself I have to find a way to deal with the stress, but I just can't seem to. If this is what 6 months has done to me, I hate to think what the years to come will do. I am working on moving out, but I will still bear the responsibility.
I prefer to see myself in the mirror because when I do, my eyes are on my hair (brushed? barrett in place?), my lips (put on lipstick), eye brows (put eye liner) and then an overall look with my clothes. All I'm seeing are bits and pieces of me.

When I look at myself in photos, I see all those gray hair, that awful double chin and ... is that sagging cheeks?! So, I avoid having my photo being taken. I agree, I've aged a lot since Dad had his stroke. I also see unhappiness in my face - so I avoid looking too hard, lately.
I just had to get my drivers license renewed and even though you never expect a great picture to be taken I was shocked by how weary and worn out I look. I'd say it was just a bad picture but in honesty it's exactly how I feel.
Drivers licenses and work badge photos! I am so glad my badge is all worn off!! And when I got it taken.. the photo snapper asked the sweet cute little thing in front of me if she liked her picture, or wanted him to try again... Hello!! I need multiple retakes please.. or just give me the pix the sweet little thing rejected....
For decades I use to use eye liner otherwise my eyes disappear.... now I had to stop using the eye liner because my hand quivers too much to paint the line on correctly :P Without it people ask if I am feeling ok.... ECK!!!

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