Did anyone see on the Internet where it showed a spirit mist leaving a body right after an accident?

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There were two of these articles 09/05/16 showing right as a person had died in an auto accident and lying in the street, a camera caught what looked like a white mist or dark mist rising from the victim, that resembled a person.

In one case, the mist actually moved back as a bystander came up to the victim to see if he could help.

Usually I take things like this with a grain of salt, but this was fascinating. Don't know if this was real or just a shadow caught on a camera.


I tried doing a search and only found one image of an accident that occurred in July. Was that one? I'm interested so if you can give a link or key words for a better search...?
There was one that involved a motorcycle accident on the interstate 55 around Jackson, MS. The TV channel 3, a local station that I get from there carried the
pictures and story on their website msnewsnow
It was very interesting to me also. Hope you find it.
I think there are people who can see an image of Jesus in a potato chip... you see what you want or think you should see. Considering the pervasiveness of cameras embedded with emergency responders, in hospitals, even in the midst of riots and war you would think there would be a flood of such images if it were really so.
I would put as much reliability on this being an actual spirit from a person as I would rely on the so-called images of Bigfoot and Nessie.

I don't know how to manipulate videos or images, but others do. That's what I would suspect in this case. That, or maybe fog or steam escaping from the cars, or maybe just steam from a manhole.
I don't know about the "mist", but when our Mom was in the Hospice Hospital and dying, the nurses told us that the brain is the last thing to go, and that nerve synapse continue, and that they can still hear you for up to 15-20 minutes, even though their heart has stopped and they have been pronounced dead! We were all there with both our parents when they passed, but with Mom, it was of course so hard not to cry, but we did try to appreciate that she might be able to hear us, and we continued to tell her we Loved her, and that our Dad was waiting for her. It was actually a pretty spiritual event, and we were as prepared as one could be, when losing your beloved Mom. She was very young, only 74, and I still feel robbed that she died so young!
Great! Now you guys have gotme watching REAL LIVE GHOST FOOTAGE, on YouTube! Lol! And some of it is Pretty Freaky!
Yes, one accident was the one in KY, the other one was over in Thailand where a young woman died when she was a passenger on a motor bike that was hit by a pickup truck.

The website Snopes said they think the KY accident, the white mist probably was something on the camera lens. All in all it did make for interesting reading.

Now, about 30 some years ago I did see a white mist inside the house where I was living at the time. I was in the room when this happened. Looked like a woman and she was looking out the upstairs master bedroom window. I did some research, and the subdivision was on land that had an old 1760's manor house. Well, looking out that bedroom window, if one drew a straight line, it would go directly to that old house.
Stacy - I don't know about you but YouTube is like a bottomless pit for me! I'll watch one, that leads to another, then another...I'll finally snap out of it only to find several hours have passed.
Rainmom, I know! I just spent an hour, watching ghost footage, and now I can't wait to go back and watch even more! Lol! YouTube is addicting!
25 ghost hunting days until halloween

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