What did the seasoned cargeiver say to newly inducted caregiver?

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Have some fun with this question you guys!


i dont have a humorous reply but id advise a newcomer to listen to the elder. little things are a big deal to a near helpless elder.
Always LOOK before you SIT!
Buy a plastic tierra and wear it every time you get together with family. Stand your ground that you are princess for the day!!
good grief bonichak, that is both hilarious and horrying at the same time, i actually laughed out loud. so true!
Stock up on Beer and Toilet Paper. Nothing else matters.
I love you guys, keep going!
Buy some suppositories, and instead of giving them to mom, put one in each ear and relish the Sounds of Silence.
Embrace wet wipes, portable urinals, carpet cleaner and chux, all the best!!
If your patient develops a bad cold or flu, give them Prozac. It won't cure the flu but it helps stop the complaining.
Convince Grandpa that the Wellbutrin is actually generic Viagra.

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