Is it just me but taking care of dementia mother-in-law seems to have to schedule my whole day around her schedule or day goes bad.

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:Just need to vent today was my mother in law bath day & here it is nine thirty p.m and no bath and now its to windy Ran the bath once did laundry ran her bath again then she decides not to take one let her water out go to take a well deserved shower its COLD from filling her bath all day! some days I get so tired cause if ileave the room she yells to me & ask me question thanks need to vent!!!


Yup, you are definitely in the world of dementia. Vent away!
yea for instance husband at work and its 945 and I have to tuck her in but I have said 5 x you ready for bed and she says in a few minutes..... in a few minutes I could done gone got in my fluffy bed and be watching tv or just pass out!!!!!!!
I can so relate to this!!

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