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I am scared to post here. I think my sister is on here too. Some of the comments that have been made seem like her. She is really very much internet savvy. So I guess I will read what you post and positively comment there. Anyway there is a new problem with sister but I can't post apparently. If I say anything then I will get a vile email from her. And I mean vile. It just upsets me so much that I shake and shake after these vile emails. My counselor said just preview her email first then if I don't want to read it, delete it. I would really like your opinion on this train wreck of a situation.


Brandy, sorry your safe place has been compromised... don't open the emails if they are going to upset you... but still come here and have your feelings and say what you need to say.... sending you hugs
Why don't you change your user name and use an alternate email address?
Block her from your email. Sticks and stones. She cannot hurt you. Bless you.
That is terrible Brandy! and I don't know as it could be undone. I have always figure I am being watched or at least that once it is in cyber space it can be tracked, but it doesn't mean you can't comment or you are not entitled to say things, the feeling may not go away. And if you do see a pattern where your sister can seem to be "reading your thoughts" you may be right. Granted many of us have similar situations but that she gets snappy say right after you vent is telling. It is an Open forum there is little you can do. I had a pen pal group that was totally anonymous once but on line that is just not really possible.
I agree with ladee I am sorry your safe respite has been compromised too...I hope there is an answer for you...
I do not know why you are intimidated by your sister, but why do you not block her email address from coming through. Me I would reply back with the message "Nice to hear from you" and forward it back. She is sending those types of email to get a negative response out of you. Your sister sounds like she could use some counseling herself.
could you just start another account with a different name and e-mail?

surely sister does not want to tip her hand that she knows who you are on here, and so many stories on here are so similar too, possibly you are still safe here, espeically if your personal messages don't reflect anything negative. on the other hand you are not being paranoid if they reall ARE out to get you....ultimately you have to decide what is really safe and what isn't when you share on line. Moderators will step in and help if anything gets too hairy in a question or dicussion forum if that helps any.
Debralee has it!
Brandy....don't give your sister that kind of power over your life......start a new email, n continue to come n post to your "safe" place.....we need you around n hugs ...Beck
Brandy, I agree about not opening your sister's emails. If she has something of importance to tell you, she should use the land line in the first place. As far as you BOTH being on this website, maybe that's a blessing in disguise. You can speak your mind to her thru this site, and not hold back. She won't intimidate the rest of us, believe me.
Have you tried having a family meeting with you sister and a mediator involved? It is so very sad when siblings can't/won't talk face to face. Sometimes having a non-family member present will help.

My little group is hardly intimidating (one tries to be but is ignored) we are just totally non-communicative. After therapy I understand they are passive/aggressive and narcissistic as well. Makes it very difficult to take care of a loved one.

My response to sibling who tries to intimidate in person; I thank her for her input with no further comment.

Hugs and best wishes.

Brandy - Until your sister or any other sibs are ready and willing to step up and live our lives, who really cares if they are upset by something posted here? Change your name if it bothers you or you feel you have to hold back. Otherwise, too bad that a sib doesn't like to hear the truth! Hang in there ~ Kuli

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