I finally learned to say "NO" to Caregiving.

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I have read all the loving and caring notes written to me, and to tell you...most fit very well into what I need or should do for myself. Ao now I have planned a mini vacation, 3 days, in Arkansas with one of my sons and his fiancee. They are giving me my first grandson, I have a stepgrandson who is six and I love him so much, but this will be the first born into the family. The baby is due in December so they want me to drive down to their house then they are going to take me to meet Jessica's mom and dad in Eureka Springs. So I just decided to ask one of my sons who lives nearby to care for mom for the weekend, I'm gonna rent a little car, and just take off. Wow, I really am gonna do it. Thanks for the great advice...and keep it coming!!!!!! cwgrl see, some of us really do listen!! lol


Good for You!!! Happy and excited to see this. Take care
Good for you - sounds like the tides are turning. You need to look after you! Even 3 days will help enormously. I hope you can keep doing this once in a while. h
Have a great time and let us know how it went when you get back!!!
Cwgrl, I'm so happy for you. WTG!
good for you cwgrl, I can feel you excitement in your post.... have a great time, and let us know how it went.....hugs to you
OMG I am so excited for you. Let me make a small suggestion so that you can learn from MY mistake. DO NOT ANSWER YOUR CELL PHONE. Your son and mom will do just fine. I made the mistake and both my daughter and mom called me, didn't like I wouldn't turn back around and referee and hung up the phone on me. I haven't spoken to my daughter for over a month and I set boundaries with my mom after that event. I learned that it's ok NOT to be available. I am excited for your few days off, don't answer your phone, enjoy your grandkids and give us a fun, uplifting report when you return. Hugs, hugs, hugs
Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your grandchild! Also, congrats on taking some time out for yourself and remembering that the caregiver sometimes needs care, too. :)
Happy Trails! Have a wonderful time.....and don't WORRY. And yes, tell them not to call unless it is an emergency...you'll call them.

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