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I think I made a huge mistake agreeing to take Mom home early. It's only been 5 days and Sister has started the drama, Mom is treating me like crap, everything is my fault again and I'm stressed and miserable.
She treated me like gold while she was in NH. Now I'm thinking of running away from home. You all warned me. Lordy! I feel so stupid now!


Awh Boni, I really had hopes your siblings would be right there with you this time around. Truly hope you find another way around this, maybe be FIRMER with YOUR needs to your siblings. This just isn't right.

No one in their right mind wants to go back to a difficult reality after a nice long vacay. Probably why I never leave. I'd run away also.

sibling competition / rivalry doesnt go away until the parent ( s ) are gone . then you realize you just dont like them ... never did .
My brother bent over backwards promising to have my back when I sat them down to tell what my conditions were to do this job. They totally agreed that my sisters can come get Mom anytime they want, but they can NOT come to MY home to visit with Mom. No matter how many times my brother has told them " This is MY house. I own it. This is just as much Boni's HOME as it is Moms" they disagree and insist it is Moms alone. Sisters must know my brother plans to give me this house when mom is gone, for all I have done for her, and the fact that I save him about $150,000. a year. They come here and hang pictures of my murdered son on the wall, when I have expressed I can not see them everyday. They water MY plants, go into drawers and cabinets like it's Their house! My sisters threats that caused my HA and the fact that she walked right in screaming at me to gets moms stuff together 2 days after I was out of ICU and scared me almost to death again say enough. It's MY WAY or I'm hitting the HIGHWAY! Very angry right now. Thanks for listening. I'll be back later. Love you guys.
Thats both brothers
Boni, I think what we all hoped was that your family would take your heart attack as a warning that things could not continue as they had. Apparently, they didn't learn the lesson.

I don't know how you want to handle this; you've done this longer and better than anyone I know. I guess the question comes down to, do you want to risk another coronary event. What does you doctor say you should be doing? I think that it's still time for you to be taking care pretty of just you, and get mom back into care. But that's just me. I wouldn't be taking care of someone who treated me like crap in the first place.
My 2 Brothers are great! It's the sisters and Mom's dementia screwed up head. She just tired to "threaten " me by saying "This isn't working, I want to go back to the home" I said "That's exactly what I want too." She said "Call your brother and tell him" I said "Call YOUR son and tell HIM!" I'm done.
And yes, I'm back to a pack a day.
I should have listened to Pam. She's a smart cookie, that one.
Boni, your mom sounds like deep down, she knows what's best for you both. Call your brother. We love you Boni!

Thanks Baba. I just spoke to him and he said "he is not putting her in that h*ll hole again" I guess he can figure out something else, because I quit.

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