I called an assisted living facility today to get some information and spoke with a very rude nurse.

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Spoke with isabella the nurse. she was very rude and wouldn't give me any information. so explain to me how a loved one can get proper loving care if the person answering the phone is extremely rude and not giving information about the programs


No one here is responsible for anything said or done by the facility you contacted. Nor is there anything we or the administration of this forum can do.

If you were treated rudely when you contacted a place, call other facilities.

Search online for the specific type of facility - rehab, SNF, AL, IL, whatever...in your area, then start calling.

I would think also that if you want information on a particular facility, you would speak with someone in admissions rather than one of the nurses. I would think also that the receptionist or whoever answered your call would have directed your call to someone who could provide information rather than a nurse, unless you were calling about a specific patient there.
thanks for the information. she answered the phone and refused to transfer me to anyone else
Look up the ownership on your state's corporate entity section, then write to the administrator of that facility and complain.
If a loved one is there - go in person! Be pleasant and ask questions - don't confront. If your loved one is not placed there, then I might think twice about a placement there. My 2 cents.
Normally there is a front desk employee who answers the telephone and will re-direct the call. Surprised that a nurse answered, unless said facility was a small one thus limited staff. Could have been that maybe one of the residents had a serious situation and the nurse was upset.... it could happen to anyone of us.

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