Rights of my residents.

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Our supervisor is demanding we get up the residents at 5am and if we don't we will get called into the office and be written up. I think they have the right to stay in bed. Not forced to get up.

My residents have the right to stay in bed correct. And I as a caregiver should not be written up


You haven't provided any information in your profile or as to who are "your residents". What kind of facility do you work for? Is it a nursing home? Rehab? Private adult home? That may make a difference.

Have you researched state statutes to see if there are laws governing what might be applicable to "my residents" and their rising time in the am?
I assume you are referring to a nursing home, since in AL residents are supposed to be able to manage themselves?
It is a sad reality that living in an institution means that you give up your personal preferences and freedoms in order to accommodate the needs of the majority. If someone repeatedly sleeps in they may miss breakfast, leading to loss of weight, leading to increased frailty. They may miss their morning meds if they are routinely given in the dining room at a certain time. They may miss having their morning toilette, leading to skin breakdown. These burdens may fall on staff from a later shift, leading to them having an increased work load and animosity toward you. It is all interconnected; ripples in a pond.
Those ripples in the pond are soon going to become waves, in my opinion.

Agelessbeauty, I'm afraid you have to do what your job description says you have to do. Sorry.

But as the Baby Boomers start populating our care centers I think the old "whatever works best for the staff schedule" attitude is going to burst wide open. BBs are used to setting trends, not following them. BBs, both men and women, have made their own way, paid for themselves, lived independently in ways previous generations did not. Get them up at 5am for the convenience of the care home schedule? Hahaha. We might not be there yet, but a small revolution is coming.
Jeanne, good insights on the way the Boomer Generation can probably institute changes in care.
Just thought - they'll probably demand Wi-Fi stations too! Maybe even an in-house Starbucks as well.
Garden, Farm to table small plates - craft beer - craft cocktails - in house desserts and of course:

Brunch every Sunday!!!
GA, absolutely! My son (post BabyBoomer) had to be in rehab last year. One of the things his wife asked as she searched for a good place was the availability of WiFi. Every bit as important to them as the skill level of the therapist.

BBs are simply not going to accept "our computer can't handle that" or "everyone has to be ready then because that is when the nurse distributes medicine." Ain't happenin'.

BBs have had flexible work hours, worked from home, been in charge of their own lives, organized political movements, ran the schools, ran unions, worked in corporations and in small businesses. They have been the driving force in many marketing decisions.

So hearing, "You have to follow our schedules because that is when the kitchen operates" is just not going to cut it for them. And their children or friends will stand up for them. That has been the story of their lives.

I have seen several care centers that are already adopting much more flexible schedules that suit a large variety of people. This is definitely the wave of the future.

I feel sorry for Agelessbeauty, stuck in the past at her care center. Perhaps there is another care center in the area that is more progressive in their outlook.
LOL. I'm at the tail end of the boom in my mid 50's. I figure things should be pretty well set up by the time I need to go to a nursing home, or else all those entitled centenarians ahead of me will have bankrupted the system and I'll be lucky to live in a rat hole eating spam.
Lol cwillie..

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