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I am posting this to alert others of the major headaches and wasted time this company has caused me. We switched my dad to Humana Part D plan and since they limit the number of pharmacies who can dispense 90 days to a handful that aren't even near me, I decided to go with RightSource for 90 days via mail order. What a colossal mess and headache. Was on the phone with them for 90 minutes one day trying to get my dads meds straightened out and thought all was ok when I hung up. Today they call and act like they hadn't a clue of what was done last week. I wanted to reach through the phone and strangle them. So I just said I give up and went to CVS. Pitiful awful customer service. I don't know if others use them but I'm posting as a warning to those who might consider them.


I think just about everyone has had one problem or another with all of the mail order pharmacies. I know my Dad is currently trying to get his meds, too, but it's a different company.
My husband and I use Express Scripts and have never had issues.
I have been trying for three weeks to get a new prescription issued through Right Source, twice online and once with a direct call. I still have not received my order so went and refilled it with Wal-Mart. I would think that Humana could do better than this.
Have you spoken with Humana about this? Hopefully, they would want to know about the poor service

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