How do I report a verbally abusive school manager?

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I am a caregiver for my daughter. She has mild mental retardation. Her school manager tells her that she stinks. My daughter comes home very upset daily. I already reported this to the Regional Center and nothing has been done about it. Because of this, I am relocating my daughter to another school.

Who can I report this manager to? Even though my daughter is relocating, I want to make sure others don't go through the abuse.

Your advice is really important to me.



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I'm glad you have found another school. I'd report this to someone in your state educational system, since reporting on the level you mentioned didn't help. This is abuse, you are right.

Take care. Your daughter is lucky to have you for a mom.
Thank you Carol. I appreciate your input. I will take it to the next for sure. Have a blessed day.

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You, too.

I have a son with many health issues, and he suffers PSTD from what he went through in school. My heart is with you.
Thank you for sharing your story, Carol. I really have my hands full. I've already shared about my mom going for surgery and knee replacement. Still in the process of getting that together. Now, this situation with my daughter bothers me. And, I can't just sit around and let things get out of control at her school. So, help me Lord!

3930 helpful answers
That's where the help is: )

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