Has to report Mom to department of public safety.

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She backed into a ditch and has cataracts. This is very difficult to deal with. My moms retaliation has begun. She threw a fit saying that my name was on the paperwork as the one who reported her driving habits. When I told her about seeing her back into a ditch she went ballistic and started falsely accusing me of giving medication to my nephew. What can I do to defend myself and be there to help her. Or who can I get to help her since she does not seem to want to help herself? Mom has sores on scalp and she constantly picks at it. She says she can't stop. She smells bad as though she is not taking a bath. When I mentioned taking a bath she says she does not feel like it. Who can help with my mom


More info would be helpful. Moms age, your age, living in her or your home, dementia, you sole caregiver, other family involved???

It sounds like you and mom are starting down the dementia highway. Starting reading about dementia on this site.
Your mom's behavior sounds troubling. I would be concerned about her health and mental health. I would try to get her to her doctor. If she is reported to DMV, they may require a medical evaluation. You may not be able to rely on what your mother is saying. She may not have her full faculties. It could be dementia or some other medical problem. That needs to be explored. Rarely do people with dementia ask for help or even accept help. There are legals ways to do it though if they are in danger and refuse help. This site has a lot of advice about how to do that.
Thank you and yes I have been an active participants. Your community for awhile. You give good advice and I enjoy reading your stories. My mom is 80 and lives next door to me. We moved here to be close to her. I have an older brother who is not any help. He thinks I need to leave mom alone. Personally I have been around elderly a long time and I know a lot of their tricks and fears of going into a home. I want mom to be able to stay home but need to make sure she is taking care of herself. When I cared for elderly in the past I found they would slack on bathing and forget meds. Mom won't tell me so I'm thinking o need to call someone like DADS
Oh and I do believe we are starting down the dementia road also this the reason I'm on here
Praying for your advice on how to help mom when she doesn't want help
Did you report your moms driving difficulties to dmv? Good for you. Call her bluff. ' Mom I know you wouldn't want to hurt anybody'. Get her doctor involved. Fax him information about her behaviors and suggest that he invite her in for a friendly chat. Go with her.

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