Remembering Mom


Remembering my mom who passed away four years ago today.
I have come to terms with it and know she is in a better place with her 10 siblings and my dad.
I am now able to chuckle to myself when I think of how my mom would handle something or her reaction when she heard something in the news or even just walking my dog- remembering how he used to climb up onto the sofa with her and sit in her lap and give her a smooch. Her laugh!
For those who have lost loved ones, specifically their beloved mom, know that they may not be here with you physically but they are with you in many other ways. I know my mom is.
Took years to get here, where I can laugh and not cry.
She was extraordinary, a member of the Greatest Generation. And while we did not always agree, listening to her perspective taught me a lot.
Love you mom! Miss holding your hand and giving you hugs.
But we're still in touch on another plane.

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Thank you Shane, it's nice to read someone remembering the happy things about their mom. It took me a long time to come to that place after the loss of my mom. I still think of her everyday and miss so many things about her, but now I can smile and laugh at the happy memories. My mother taught me a world of knowledge and I'm forever grateful

Dear Shane,

Thank you for sharing your mom with us. And for giving me hope. Its been 6 months since my dad passed away and I am a long ways off from the good memories. I take comfort from your beautiful tribute.

What a lovely tribute to your mother. She sounds like a wonderful lady. Thank you for sharing. My beloved grandmother passed away when I was just a child, but, she never left me. I understand how that feels.

Thank you for sharing some memories of your mom and for being an example of how we go through the grief and get to the other side where we can smile and remember good times.

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