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On July 4th, I cajolled and finally convinced Edna that we should see the fireworks. "All we have to do is wheel down to the bottom of the ramp. We can see them at the end of the street!" (They're held in the county park/golf course along our cross street.) After bundling her up against the wind .. felt like we were going carolling .. we got situated just in time for some really great fireworks.

She oohed and ahhed and had a GREAT time!!

Next day, she couldn't remember that she'd already had supper or what it had been, but she remembered those fireworks!!


Aaawww.....At least she enjoyed herself in that moment. Thanks for sharing your story.
Thank you for sharing. As a caregiver, this reminds me to use the rare few moments of fleeting joy I am able to provide, to counter all the daily struggles/frustrations of caregiving.

What Bewell said. :)
i took my mom to see the fireworks from a nice vantage point 4 blocks from the park but sadly her vision is gone. we left before they ended. but, i effin tried, sometimes thats all we can do.
Thats is a heart full of smiles! Thanks for sharing it.
It does help to remember the good stuff, huh? Have any similar stories?
Thanks for sharing. I am currently keeping track of all the funny/weird things my mom says. On her good days she gets a giggle out of what funny stuff she can come up with.

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