Caregivers need to take a "Crazy Cruise" to have some relieve the stress of caregiving.

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Well my brother-in-law just got a taste of what it's like in his mothers reality. This is #2 son who took her today to yet ANOTHER optometrist that verified that those ARE his moms glasses she's wearing on her face. NO, some stranger DID NOT steal them, and decided they liked them better than their own.
I think the people dealing with dementia/alzheimer parents/whoever should get together and go on a cruise. We could call it the "CRAZY CRUISE", or "CARETAKERS GONE CRAZY CRUISE" (we'll have a contest to vote on a name). We'll all have rubber rooms, and have our pills crushed up and put in the pudding. I'm signing up today. Oh wait, maybe we can call it the 'bangyourheadonthewall cruise'....



I love your sense of humor. How about "Looney Bin by the Sea"?

But seriously, your brother-in-law is burning out. A cruise isn't a far-fetched idea, as it'd help him regain balance by commiserating with others who are also caring for the mentally ill. As an ex-Marine, being out at sea six months a year had a calming effect on me; particularly when dolphins swam alongside the carrier. It's the closest we'll ever be to being on another planet, another world where you can get away from it all. And he needs that. Talk therapy and all.

I'm going to bed now. Thanks for the laugh Naheaton, I really needed it today.

-- ED
Proverbs 3: 5 &6

Consider an Adult Day Care, during the Day, You need a Break.

Please sign me up! Not for a rubber room, but somewhere warm so I can walk with bare feet. My dear hubby told me his mother used to say, "You're not driving me crazy; it's a short walk." In my dreams, I'm walking on the beach in tropical places. And, maybe even in reality, soon...

God bless your day! And thanks for making ours a little brighter!
Actually I called him last night and told him welcome to crazyland. That's where his wife and I live most of the time when dealing with his moms memory. He just hasn't had the opportunity to see it first hand as much as we have. Since he's been home for a longer period of time, I took advantage of that. He went to her doctor appts. with her instead of me. NOW he gets to see why it is so hard for me NOT to argue with her. It's like, beep.."are we going to do something about my glasses?" beep.."are we going to do something about my glasses?"..beep "why would someone take my glasses?" beep.."why would someone take my glasses?" It's like a record skipping.. I try jut to let it go when I'm with her, but it's really hard when you hear the same thing over and over again. My husband hasn't seen it first hand with the doctors, but he's heard the record skipping enough. Anyway, I thought it was amusing to see the frustration on my brother-in-law's face when he stopped by and gave me the report yesterday. DUH!! I told him. I think #1 son should have to go through this too. Sometimes I think he thinks we are exaggerating her memory loop craziness. NOT!!
So it basically comes down to, every optometrist in Oregon is WRONG, and she is the only one right. The eyeglasses that she has been wearing for almost 2 years now, just CAN"T be hers. Apparently when she put them down, someone took them and decided that glasses made for someone with macular degeneration, were better than theirs. Go figure....
I'm going to retire to my rubber room now, have a good day.

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