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A few days ago I asked "My mother has taken against my partner, how can I explain that we are getting married soon?" and was advised to keep it secret to avoid my happiness being ruined by her usual terribly cruel remarks and bizarre accusations against a very kind and loving man who has done his best to help her. One of the best is "he makes you hang out your laundry in the rain"
Although tempted not to say anything I finally just told her, having obsessed and worried myself into exhaustion. And guess what, she's delighted, of course she will come to the wedding, she wants to help out as much as possible, she wants to meet her new family etc. I can't even feel relieved I'm so stunned.
BUT now I have to be careful, as she has turned in the opposite direction before, so next time we speak it could be back to hate and spite and go back to your ex-husband.....


Patricia - that is good news! It will make life a bit more pleasant for you. Hope she continues on this path so you can enjoy this happy time in your life.
I am praying that it is a blessing for you and not a joke... maybe you can let her know in advance if she starts to get stupid you will not tolerate it and she will not be included... maybe not in those words.... and I'm happy that you decided to tell her.... it is a wonderful time for you. Best wishes and hope she really wants to be involved.... hugs
Many thanks for your kindness and good wishes. Of course if it all goes to plan I won't remember much of my big day as will be making sure she is not too hot/cold/hungry/tired etc. Am thinking of setting up a timetable so that willing friends can look after her in 30 minute blocks!
Sorry you have to pre-plan so much; but believe me, I get it. That is a great idea about having friends look after her in increments. So, I guess plan for the worst and hope for the best. Praying it all goes well; you deserve a memorable day.

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