Re-hydrated chia seeds for constipation.

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im not big on home remedies but my mother has so much trouble with constipation that hospice gives her 9 stool softeners per day. i read a forum consisting of heroine junkies the other day and most of them recommended rehydrated chia seeds . i finally got mom to try some today and this evening she got the desired results. i fail to see what a junky could gain by ,making stuff up. i wondered if anyone else had ever tried them. of course ill keep everyone informed . as slimy as these little seeds get when rehydrated im surprised gravity alone doesnt put them thru you in minutes..


i think an elder with constipation problems should elevate their feet by about 12 inches when they sit on the shitter too. taller crappers nowadays only complicate the issue. good luck convincing a belligerant old timer to try different things tho. they often prefer being miserable and destroying the people around them to get attention and sympathy..
Hi cap - u r back!
A "porridge" made of ground flax is good too. A tablespoon of ground flax, add a spoon of protein powder, and/or peanut butter for nutrition and flavour, mix in 1/4 cup or so of boiling water. to desired texture. I nuke for 25 sec and stir then do it twice more. If you nuke for longer you need a deep bowl as it will boil over. There are other recipes on the net. It isn't slimy when combined with the protein powder and resembles oatmeal. Sounds like the chia seeds are good.
Same thing as those dorky chia pet thingies?

I guess I can see the connection between heroin junkies and chia seeds. Hey man, let's try that!

Whatever works, good for you. Constipation is a literal pain in the backside, for the constipated one and the CG. Misery loves company and all.

I've got my mom on a regimen of Sennekot-S (Walgreens generic) 2 times and Phillips Colon Health (also a Walgreens generic) 1 time. Cup of popcorn, three prunes and a half a cup of coleslaw daily. Knock wood, we've been pretty good for almost a year.

We may not see eye to eye on all stuff, but this is not a job for the light of heart and I'm traveling down the same road as you.

It's bumpy, it mostly stinks, but it's the journey we share.

Wishing you a good night capn.
yea emjo im back. i left but kept reading and discovered that i wasnt any more or less crazy than anyone else here. i say absurd things but i assure you its meant to relieve the tension here.
no this obligation isnt for the faint of heart. seems like everyone you know likes to hurl advice or criticism too. most of em would fold faster than superman on laundry day if they traded you places..
and yes they are ch ch ch chia seeds . you can buy them at walgreen in the health food / supplement aisle. they differ from flax seed in that they dont have to be crushed. they are pretty much oil, fibre, and omega 3 whatever the hell that is and have a huge amount of potassium in them. they are also a stimulant belonging to the salvia family and likely make the digestive system work a little harder. its like catnip for your colon.. assnip..
If an elder person has divituculosis (sp) the little sacks in the intestine that get seeds etc stuck in them and cause intestional bleeding. Popcorn may cause this health issue too. FYI. You don't want that to happen.
assnip - I like it. No, cap, you're not more or less crazy than other people here. I think your sense of humor is appreciated - certainly by some. Laughter is good. I think I will stick with flax. I have this visual of chai seeds sprouting in my gut
windytown - mother uses sennekot and prunes too - seem to do the job. Cole slaw - now that is interesting. Unpasteurized has probiotic bacteria,
sharirose - you make a good point about diverticulosis
emjo, I make the sweet and sour type of coleslaw she insists on having. It's made with oil and vinegar.

sharirose, Thanks for the info on popcorn. So far (knock wood) that doesn't seem to be an issue with her. It's good to know for future reference.
@ shari,
yea im vaguely aware of the distended pouches that can form in the lower colon however these seeds are only about the size of a flea initially and they essentially turn into something resembling tapioca when theyre boiled for about a minute or steeped in h2o overnight. mom had a BM last night and two more this am.
now that this problem is behind us she will simply start obsessing on something else. this morning she brought me a battery powered radio that shes convinced has been left on for nearly 4 months. dollar tree must make one hell of a "d " battery or shes nuts or im nuts. im leaning towards the latter two possibilities..

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