Rehab facility advises 24/7 care.

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My husband has been in a rehab for about 5 weeks after a bout of CHF. He has been working with the PT people but they feel his balance is very poor and should have care 24/7. He is not allowed to walk with a walker unless someone is there to assist him. Sometimes they find him walking around by himself without the walker. I can't bear for him to stay in the facility for the rest of his life. He is 75. He also has heart disease, COPD and diabetes but has done quite well up to the this last bout.

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Here is where careful planning with the discharge coordinator and the family doctor are crucial to getting him home. His MD can order a weekly visiting nurse, PT and OT in the home for up to 60 days. IF you can get family members to each give you a day of the week to help you, it may be doable. IF you have health issues of your own, then it may be time for you, as a couple, to consider moving to assisted living. As long as he is cooperative and poops in the toilet and not in a diaper, ALF would work. You want a facility with nurses on site 24/7 and aides to answer a call button. Talk it over with family.

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