Recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

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I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee. I cannot walk through the stairs without support and the pain reflects up to my hip when I walk. This is the first time. Will any osteoarthritis knee program in Toronto help for this? I am thinking of taking that treatment from AESM, which is nearby? Please advice. I am concerned as I never had a bad knee which is so serious like this.


What does your orthopedic doctor have to say about AESM? I'm not familiar with it, but I would try PT first, along with modalities such as heat or warmth, depending on what a physical therapist suggests.

There are also certain foods that can aggravate arthritis; you might want to research to learn more about that and avoid triggering foods.

Sometimes therapeutic treatments include swimming exercise; some therapy facilities do have water facilities like hot tubs.
Healthcare Canada will probably require you try injections of synovial fluid or go through PT before they will approve a knee replacement. I am in the US, but my insurance company wanted knee replacement to be a last resort and I had to be over 60. The surgeon said if I could lose 40lbs, that would help.
GA's suggestion about the food triggers may sound odd to you, but it is in fact true for me and a couple people I know. Dairy is my big trigger. I know - sounds nuts, but true. It inflammes my finger joints and knees.
Food can also trigger inflammation in nonarthritic joints as well.
There are also foods that have anti-inflammatory properties - various nuts, fruits, vegetables can help. I avoid my triggers, eat a lot of the good foods and take glucosamine/MSM/chondroitin. Doing these these three things has kept me off of NSAIDs and other arthritis meds, while still being able to do normal daily activities.
I too, have very bad Osteoarthritis in both knees. I may well try the Synvisc injection 3 shot series here soon, but first have to get insurance authorizations. There are differing opinions on their effectiveness, but everybody is different. I have had a lot of PT, and find heat and cold therapy helpful, depending on the situation. Ice packs, after a long time standing, and stairs, especially going down, are very difficult for me. Nighttime pain is the worst for me, as it keeps me up at night. I have been told by my Rheumatologist that I need both knees replaced, but I am waiting as long as possible, as they too wear out in time, and you may need to have them done a second time. My daughter is getting married in October, so I am definitely waiting until after that, as I couldn't bare the thought of having complications from surgery. I may have my left one Scoped, to see if there are any floating bits yhat could be removed, and edges smoothed over, but that's all I'll attempt surgically for now. It's terrible pain, and my Mom had her knee replaced, with good results, so in the meantime, I'm going to try to lose weight as I know this is a contributing factor! It really hard! I feel for you!
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Wearing an over-the-counter knee brace for a few hours a day can help a lot. Wear it the most when climbing a lot of steps or lifting.
Bracing helps the joint heal.

Joint replacement is a last resort, especially when you are under 60. They can wear out and having a second when you are quite old isn't a good idea if it can be avoided.

Good suggestions across the board!
PTs are the best people to talk to. They have such a good working knowledge of the body. They can advise exercise, hot cold treatment, braces etc. With the right combination you may be able to hold off on more agressive treatment. Best to you..hugs
I used to have a house with stairs. My left knee got really bad with pain. However, now that I have a single storey home, I got hyaluronic acid injections in my knee which builds collagen and lubricates the knee joint. Try that. I am pain-free now.
Linda makes a good point about non-inflammatory foods. It's surprising how many foods that are commonly eaten are actually inflammatory ones. I've found that refined flour and sugar products fall in that category, although they don't cause problems with my joints, just my breathing.

My ortho doctor also recommend glucosamine chondroitin, double strength. I did some research on the MSM often added and based on what I read that it causes an odor, I decided against it.

Linda, have your found that the MSM odor is a problem? I see gluco/chondroitin so often with MSM but the article I read has always prevented me from trying it.

I also take fish oil, flaxseed oil and salmon oil and have found that salmon oil is hands down most effective for my knees. I tried d/c/ing it once to see what would happen; in 2 - 3 weeks my knees were complaining and making it clear that they weren't happy.

I also use an excellent homeopathic muscle salve that provides instant relief for back pain (a/k/a gardening pain) and have used it on my knees, but generally I haven't really had much knee pain other than for specific injuries so I'm not in a position to suggest how something like this or other treatments such as arnica help chronic pain.

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