I really, never thought this would happen to my Mother, the confusion and depression...

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I'm so sorry, lindy. It's very heartbreaking, isn't it? I have anticipated it because it happened with my great-grandma and grandma, but still I wasn't ready for it. Who can be? There are still lots of joyful moments, thankfully, so I live for those. But yes, just this morning I was crying once again about the ways my relationship with my mom has changed. I'm glad you came here to express your grief. Take care. Keep reaching out.
I cry everyday too. My mom was my best friend.
Hi Lindy---The suggestion to contact your local chapter of the Alzheimer's Associaion is an excellent one.....If you are unable to get to them--they do have a 24/7 helpline # (800) 272-3900. The more and learn about the bazaar changes that you may witness-as a caregiver-the more prepared you will be-This forum is also a great place for online support as well.
Best to you on your caregiving journey-and DON'T forget about your own care as well....as it easy to do so.
plus very confusing to me as well. I was an only child, she never paid much attention to me as she always was working as my dad was, very much alone growing up just had my grandmother she was my real mother. Now and dont get this wrong, feeling a bit resentful. where was she when i needed her as a child. I am doing mostly all for her right now but with confusing moments. well not confusing i guess maybe resentful at times.now she wants me to take her places every single day. where is my life like she had hers

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