Let's rate the home care agencies - the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Tell about your Home Care Agency experience - Which Agency is good, which did you have problems with?


At HomeCare- Richmond VA Rating: 2/5
5 - Excellent
4- Good

Had a great aide for a little over a year - M-F - then when she left got a new one - frequent call outs, transportation issues (I,e, reason for callouts) No floaters - I have had to stay home from work on days that the aide called out. Most of the ides have only been there 3-6 mos. VERY frustrating. We are now on our 2nd aide since April - It is hard on my mother. Current aide reports on time but has to be told what tasks to do.
Sounds like you need a new agency. Healthcare is what I do. I have done homecare. About your new aide. The agency should tell her about your mom in terms of her condition and needs. However we do not just take care of conditions but people wholistically. So the aide does need you to tell her your loved one's preferences. If you have specific tasks to be done, that needs to be communicated also. Examples: Mom likes to sleep late. Mom's mealtimes are. Every Tues. I would like you to do xyz. In addition you need to orient the person to your home. Expressing what you need is very important especially if your mom is not able to direct her own care. If you had ongoing round the clock care with a consistent team of care givers then they are very good in filling a newcomer in. You will have little worry. Keep in mind all we have to work from is a generic care plan. It may say needs complete care for washing and dressing but it won't say what her preferred soap and lotion is or where they are located. I think you get my drift. If you like the care being given by this new aide and she performs her tasks well I hope she stays with you long term.
I very much liked working as a LPN for Bayada nurses. If I ever needed homecare that is the agency I would call. They screen their nurses very well. Upon hire you are given testing to tests your clinical skills and questions that test your critical thinking skills. Everyone must be CPR certified. Inservices are regularly given and Bayada has online continuing education at Bayada University. Clients get a client manager who is a medical social worker. That is the person who initially calls me to give an initial report on the client. I could accept or reject.Upon acceptance I could expect a follow up call from the RN supervisor on the case. She gave me a more detailed in depth report . Since the same social worker and RN stay consistently with a case they always can give a lot of info. Next,meeting the client. Well, you are always oriented to the case. Orientation is normally done by a nurse already on the case. Never are you just thrown to the wolves.Seasoned nurse like myself can do all that is required but wants to be filled in on those personal preferences etc. and meet the client and the loved ones if possible. Need to get those details about any preferences. By time ,the nurse already there has spoken with me, I usually have been oriented as to where everything I or the client may need . Even filled in on client's and / or families preferences likes and dislikes. If a client has a chronic condition some client's family members like to orient the nurse themselves a lot of times. Bayada would have told me that beforehand. I still touch bases with the nurse there. On ongoing cases we would receive a phone call about filling in if possible in the event of a regulars absentism. With my long term client over the years I spent there I got to work all the shifts. Frequent callouts and lateness were not tolerated. However people needed days off and vacation time. We covered each other very well. Bayada likes this too, because clients like consistency. My supervisor may drop in anytime. Sometimes to see the client and nurses and /or to give us an Inservice or an evaluation. After my client died, the recession hit. another agency that took care of medically fragile kids. I will not reviethem. My experience was nightmarishthem and that is putting it mildly. Bayada will excellent care of your loved ones. I have not been paid or solicited for this testimony. :-D
ya just get what you get . advocate in doses proportionate to the shoddiness youre faced with .
my friends wife in the last couple of years has gotten herself trained to be a dental technician -- with flash cards at her kitchen table . im all for putting the populace to work but really , learning a few buzz words does not make a medical professional .
aunt ednas current peckerchecker ( home nurse ) was lying in the gutter , clutching at the storm drain and demanding her G - D phone call 2 years ago .
now shes a " professional " home nurse reporting malarky to our primary care doc .. she cant even spell " malarky " , wtf is this ??
Pardon the typos toward the end concerning that other agency. I thought I had deleted that part out.
Captain have read some of your comments on here. You are too funny, a real twisted mister ! Your future may be as a stand up comic.
We have At HOme Health Care and it's about useless. The 'aide' we have sleeps on the couch and has had my mother fix her a sandwich cause she's hungry when she gets here. She doesn't do a good job cleaning even if we tell her what to do. The only reason we don't protest her is that my mother doesn't want anyone she doesn't know so she wants to stick with this one. ARGH!
Bayada is taking great care of congress. So far in 2014 they have raised $70K in PAC money and have spent $40K on campaign contributions. Per opensecret.org
ohdear mentioning the company name six times sounds like advertising to me, trying to drum up some business? inappropriate on this forum, so too is bashing companies rioblu
windoverwater You are certainly entitled to feel the way you do but keep in mind that feelings and opinions are not facts. Also please read my post again. I did not name any specific company.So what company are you talking about that I publicly bashed ? Also I stated any negative remarks that was made I thought I had deleted.
Also I am well experienced in healthcare and know not to identify an agency by name publicly to make negative comments about them.

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