Raise in assisted living rent.

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My mom moved into a assisted living residence in mid-aug. and they are already raising the rent 4% They gave her a great price in August to get her in [very rushed 'deal'] and we agreed. Now I am worried we will not be able to afford it. This is so unfair to my mother who likes it and maybe has to move so soon.


Hello. You can ask for a freeze of your rent with an explanation as to why. You can also ask for the rent to stay the same for two years.
My Mom's rent was raised and I wrote an email to the executive director saying she couldn't afford the raise, stock market down, etc. and they froze her rent for the year. I was told they will usually do this for the first few people that ask so you should request this as soon as you hear about the raise, good luck
It's a little odd that it wasn't a year's lease. You should at least get the remainder of the year for the price you agreed to, and I agree with Srgramacy, ask for a longer freeze on her rate.
BTW, 4-5% is a pretty typical annual increase. I always try to tell people that during a tour. I'm surprised that it's a pretty infrequent question.

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