I'm quiting my job to care for my mother.

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I believe the time has come where I will have to quit my job in order to care for my mom. I no longer have help to care for her. Im a mother of 3 and can not financially afford to quit my job. She was in a nursing home before coming to live we me but she was neglected and i refuse to let her go back to one. Is there any financial help for caregivers?


I have stopped working to take care of my mom in her home, I have no
income. No clue where I need to start.
I hope there is help!
Where are you?
Start wit the local hospitals since they have referral services. Social workers, respite care referral, other resources. How bas ius her health?

Aging Care Team???
Are you monitoring us?

I have put my business on hiatus to care for Dad at home. I love him but it's stifling. I don't have kids, but still no personal income. Just his ret & SS.

Somebody needs to help you find help & services so you can care for everyone.

Wishing you the best & hope to hear more ....

Mary AKA Rip
Sadly I have found no help in my area at all. They always spout there is but there is none. I found at the Salvation Army they had Adult Day Care for I believe free. Social workers well that is a joke - no help there. I have to hire a caregiver 4 hours a day 5 days a week to play babysitter to my mom and then I am there on Sat and Sun. My mom should go to a NH but is a stubborn person. Clinging to her materialism and staying home will not be an option for her one day. Can you tell us what happened to your mom in the Nursing Home. I thought there were all monitored by the government?
Delicat, We found that not all nursing homes are created equal. Maybe there is still hope in finding a good one.
I'm sorry, but you have THREE CHILDREN!!!!!!! TAKE CARE OF THEM and find a better nursing home for your mom unless you want to become homeless and your children wards of the state.
I agree with naheaton, keep looking for a better nursing facility, or do you have any extended family that could help, or even someone in the same position you could trade times with? I am sorry you have had to make such a drastic choice.
Thank you all for your comments. To answer a few question that were asked. Yes I have siblings but they are all to busy with there lives to help me so they say any way. My mother had a stroke 3 yrs ago which left her totally be ridden needing 24 hour care.. She was in the nh before coming to live with me. I was there every day to make sure she was being cared for well .. I thought my presence there everyday would make a difference. It was not until I brought her home when i noticed all the stage 3 bed sores she had gotten it was awful, not only that after being her one day she was admitted back to the hospital for an infection that had gone septic. I thank God I got her when I did or she may not be here with me today.. I love my mother dearly but its really hard on me when I have very little help.I try to keep my faith that all will work out..
Your siblings know you will do this so they are throwing excuses at you. Sounds like they are willing to throw you and your mother under the bus of poverty so that they can just go on with their lives. How selfish!!!! Do they have children? Have you asked them if they would quit their job to take care of their mom and family as well like they are expecting you to do? If they are that selfish, then I can't see them visiting because, if they have children, the grandchildren would start asking questions which their parents would not want to answer.

How old are your children?

How are you and your family going to live without any income?

How has her being in the nursing home been paid for?

If you could not afford help at home for your mother while you worked, then how are you going to afford to live 24/7 with your mom without work?

Once your mother dies, which will eventually take place, how will you support yourself and will you be able to get a job like you have now?

Have you reported that nursing home to someone? If not, then you are not helping the other people who are in there and their relatives.

Faith or Presumption, that is the question?
HI there, what about a daycare and medicaid or veterans aide and attendent program, or does your Mom have money. Someone paid for the nursing home so someone can pay for daycare, I assume medicaid? Staying home will drive you nuts I think. My daycare has a bedridden patient there, she has been there well over a year and her daughter works fulltime. She gets a free van ride to and from also. Any possible way? And btw, I am proud of you for bringing your Mom home, brings me to tears. Oops got to go pick up my Mom at daycare now....
hang in there!
If she is on medicaide she should be able to go to a different nursing home and if she has assests she will have to spend down you should not be expected to quit you job while your siblings go on with their lives as usuall if they want her to live with you to preserve her momey then they should pay for her care-in this day and age with so many being unemployed you should NOT give up your job if she pays you to care for her and needs care within 5 years you will have to give that money back-I would think very seriously about giving up your job can you take 3 month family leave at least you will have a job to go back to-please listen to what I and the others are telling you and really think this through before giving up ypur job that is what medicaide is for those who need care.

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