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As Mother's 24/7 Carer, I can see just how ruthless and unforgiving Alzheimer's is.
Al/s shows no mercy. It takes a little piece of You each day until there's no more left. Al/s is some times referred to as THE LONG GOOD BYE.
It does not take only Ones's memory, Al/s takes awareness, Self confidence, and One's complete Independence. Life as it was once is will never be even remotely similar. It chokes Me to see My Por Mum being swallowed up by this wretched end of Life disease.
I know in My Heart should such a horrible ending await Me in the distance, I would get off at the next stop. I'd like to know Your thought on this.


I agree, if I were to get Alz... and know it.... I'm outta here !!! I work primarily with folks with Alz/dementia....... nope, would check myself out... consequences be damned !!!
I always say please let me remember where I hid the pills... no way do I want this to do to my daughter what it did to us...
I have always planned to kill myself if I was diagnosed with dementia. Unfortunately, I read that when one starts getting senile/dementia, there is a process. First is denial. And more denials. Even though, deep down, we know that there's something wrong - and refuse to go to the doctor to get properly diagnosed.

Twice, I have broached the subject of my forgetfulness with 2 different doctors. Because I'm so young, they didn't take me seriously. The problem is - by the time we get diagnosed with dementia, it's too late. There seems to be a correlation of the deeper one gets into dementia, the more determined we want to live. Our Desire to 'off' ourselves is gone. It's no longer in our mind. Scary, huh?

I have read that even if you wrote a letter to yourself, you won't comprehend it when you do find it. I saw a glimpse of this - when I was watching the movie "Still Alice". I wonder if the writer of this book had researched and read a similar article that I read. So, now I know, that I may say right now, that if I have Alzh, that I will kill myself. But in reality, it most likely won't happen because my mind of today, will not be my mind at that time when I have dementia. Sad...
This is specifically why I started intermittent fasting. It is proven to slow down or decrease chances of getting dementia. I told my daughter no way will you have to do this for me!
The thing about it as has been pointed out, is by that time I doubt that any of us would really do it or want to, but I guess some would. We say it now because of the brutal nature of the disease and the suffering they and we go through with them. All I can say is that I'm doing all I can now to prevent or delay it from happening. And there are things we can do to help ourselves. I pay close attention to the ills of my parents and share them with my doctors. Is it bullet proof, probably not, but regardless worth it to try seeing what all of us go through with our loved ones. We all gotta go one way or the other, but I pray God have mercy on me that it won't be a factor.

I agree too that doctors blow it off when you express concerns being younger because it's regarded as an elder only disease many times. I just take matters into my own hands and do my own research, look at trials conducted, may participate one day or try to keep up with research, medical and natural.

Johnjoe, I know you love your mom so much, but I pray you are not dying with her and mourning yourself to death. Please take the time to live too. It will help you both endure this long road. You will be in my prayers, big hugs.

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