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Has its appearance morphed for anyone else? This seems to happen more frequently. Is this a problem for everyone? Or is this something on my IPad?


No change here. Are you using IE 11 on your iPad? It does have some shortcomings as well as instability; I've seen a few odd things - yesterday part of a screen in another window kept popping while I was visiting another site.
Oh, sorry, I guess if you're using an Apple product you wouldn't be using an MS browser. Whoops!

I'm using Safari. But if you don't see a change, that's excellent info. Thank you! I'll google around.
No whoops needed. Thanks to your answer, I started troubleshooting. My Step One is always a reboot. Problem solved. I thank you!!
The only issue I ran into is when I had to increase the size of the font on the website... low and behold the "Money & Law" section on the top blue bar, far right, disappeared... so in order for me to use that section, I have to lower the font size so I can get the drop down menu.

Today with all the different devices that people use to get their information, it must be a challenge for web masters to build new websites to accommodate everyone.

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