Pumpkin carving avatars for caregiver fun project. Carve it, post it via your avatar!

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Thanks for the idea, Garden Artist, Gladimhere, Hope


For Gladimhere, Garden Artist, Hope, Pamzimmit, and everyone else who wants to turn October into a harvest celebration! Carve a pumpkin, take a picture, post it in AC forum as your Avatar. Have fun! Creative types welcome. Istock photo helped me.
Native American site with article about Sugar Pumpkins, less than four pounds helped me!
I will do the carving after the move in a couple of weeks.
So many great images out there!
Would be great if I could find myway here again.
Lost, she got lost in a pumpkin patch, after the technical lessons, her brain exploded, just like an exploding pumpkin, so there she goes, after another piece of pie....
Send, you are confusing me is that an exploding pumpkin?
Or a pumpkin doughnut with an orange bell pepper?
Har-d-har-har, what do you mean glad?????

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