So proud of my 11-year-old and how she dealt with grandma with dementia.

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So I was getting in gma in-laws closet for shower day and was taken 11 yr old daughter has taken upon herself to start digging out all the clothes her GREAT gma has been hiding behind her bed(dementia,brain damage) AND putting together outfits and hanging them in gmas closet. I do have to say I'm tearing up as I type some days are so sh**ty and I want to just grab my girls and run but today, today makes me glad I've never acted on it and it's amazing that kids are so resilient and can be so selfless and caring and it makes me glad in so many ways that they are here to witness me giving of myself for a woman I surely didn't know very well to begin with and lightens my heart to know even tho things are going to get worse it very well may make my girls better stronger and more loving people when their grown. I hope this put a smile on someone else's face today like it did me. Have a wonderful day ladies n gents


I'm smiling, and almost tearing up as I read your post about such a thoughtful child. It's not often we hear good and consoling news, so thanks for sharing your experience.
Oh my stars this was a wonderful thing to read this morning! I love to hear good news on here! Happy Friday and give that girl a BIG attagirl!
Thank you for your replies and I'm gonna take gma out to olive garden(she loves their food) for lunch in 1 of the pretty outfits she picked out( told her about my girl putting the outfits together put a smile on her face too!) I wanna keep the good vibes going today!!!
You are indeed, raising a very special young lady. You deserve an "attagirl" as well!
Awwww!!! That's so sweet! What a great daughter. :) Thank you for sharing, that made me smile this morning!
So sweet and nice to hear good things here!! Bless your daughter (and you, she's got a good example in you!)

HUGS all around.
And this is a great way for your daughter and mother to bond, and provide mutual joy for each. Make it a special occasion on a regular, or whenever you want basis, for the two of them. Your daughter can choose the outfit and help your mother get dressed, than all of you can have a nice grandmother, mother and daughter bonding session.

Way to go, Cheylily, and congratulations to you for such a special daughter and congratulations to her for reaching out to her grandmother!
A side thought -

You may have a budding clothing designer in your daughter. Encourage that creativity!
Love it!
God bless you and your girl! I echo what "Midkid" said -- you have taught your daughter well to be caring and take initiative! (Also must have passed on good fashion sense -- at age 11 I was doing well if my socks matched.)

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