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All of a sudden, I have like six buttons coming down the left side of the site that obscure the first few words of each line of a question. Facebook, Google, Inst! A printing icon and a few more. I see no way to get rid of them. Anybody know what's going on?


Maggie I haven't had that type of problem but I have noticed other things recently.
Some black symbols and characters all in a jumbled mess on the bottom right side of the screen. Also today when I clicked on my inbox to get into this site it kept taking me somewhere else.

This may be totally unrelated but I've noticed a few really irritating people who have started posting on here lately. I won't name names but I don't enjoy this site as much anymore because of them.
They are links pinned to the top of the page in case anyone wants to share on social media or print. I certainly hope no one is sharing what we say on the social sites! I've never done it, so don't know how it looks. I don't want to do it, either.
I clicked the fb link to see what it would do. Nothing. I don't know what the dead links are pinned for.
I too am getting social media and other links on the left hand side of the pages. The bottom 3 are for LinkedIn, e-mail and to print. I wouldn't be using any of them, but at least they don't block viewing the messages.

I certainly hope that no one is unwise enough to link any of these posts to any social media site - there are just too many personal revelations and angst for anything here to be made so public.

I was also seeing the same thing that Gershun saw but I don't see it tonight.

Does anyone know of someone who's been unable to post? I do know that's happened to one person specifically.

However, I did see something that warms my heart - the little padlock on the right hand side of the address bar. I had been concerned before because the log-in wasn't secure. Now I'm seeing that apparently (?) the whole site is secure, or at least more so.

I think the higher level of security is for posting; I did notice a very high number of new posters over the last several days. And just before there was another repeat of the poster who appeared sometime ago and created very, very peculiar posts - I can't remember specifically but I think it was something about contacting deceased people..???
I just had a very hard time getting on the site too.I couldn't bring up the Agingcare site at all for about 20 minutes, then I couldn't send a post. I just gave up and went to another site for awhile, now I'm back on.
Nothing is private.. You could always just google any question from this site and it will come up.. They are now making it easier to post to other social networks...
I had problems getting the site to load for a while yesterday. I run a filter that blocks social media and I haven't noticed any changes now that things seem to be back to normal. For a while I was worried that our site was getting cyber attacked by one of our disgruntled members.
We have updated our site to become fully secured (https) which has led to these problems. Please let me know of any other issues so I may have our IT dept. fix them right away. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you,

The Team
AgingCare Team, I was DELIGHTED to discover yesterday that the site had been upgraded, as I saw the "lock" on the address bar and noticed that the prefix had been changed to "https".

Great move - just as one user, I really appreciate this change.
I too have been having problems. I have to sign in anytime i try to do something. Have not been getting emails. Day after this appeared, i received one email and none since then. I could be logged in on mobile view then switch to standard and have tobsign in again. Trying to like a comment or answer a question is taking way too long. Used to love this site but am getting very frustrated.

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